In Veil – Lunatic

We all know that the dark side has an allure and seduction that can be at times irresistible but also a keen predator of attention and self-restraint. It you needed further evidence then we offer Lunatic, the debut EP from Canadian tempter In Veil. It is a sinister and ravenous incitement from the darkest, deepest shadows of Toronto, a succubus of sound which will haunt your psyche with its virulent contagion and stalk your nightmares with its infernal macabre seduction.

In Veil consists of Ady Cernea (instrumentals) and Haysi Veil (vocals) and weaves fateful adventures and tales from a fusion of Gothic, industrial and synth pop. It is proposition which could be described as The Ting Tings lost to the depths of Mindless Self Indulgence shared absinthe whilst under the warped violation of Hanzel Und Gretyl and the tenebrific compulsion of Blood Red Shoes but honestly it only sets its very own dilemma of temptation.

Fair to say that the immediate flight of opener Salome to another world had us urgently intrigued, the swift seconds after saw enthralment and the subsequent exploration of its Venus bred seduction enslaved. Industrial rock ‘n’ roll aligned to the most viral pop, the track is unbridled temptation with Veil’s vocals part temptress beauty and part vampiric Barbarella and all irresistible within a just as fertile and varied trespass of sound.

The EP’s title track follows and features vocalist Sam Astaroth, both vocal protagonists emerging from a realm of celestial bound, psychopathic seeded fascination. The song marches relentlessly through ears yet casts an ethereally haunting but earthly menacing landscape and drama simultaneously, metal nurtured sonic insinuation colluding with electronic atmospherics and similarly bred pop contagion.

Both tracks were addiction in the waiting as too the prowling nightmare that is Daddy. Twisting instinctive fears and the darkest temptations around each other with its infection lined fingers, sound-tracking that macabre predation with an Otep meets Scream Machine-esque rapture, the track is a majestic and terrifying violator in a cloak of pop purity.

Through the uncanny bearing Slow Lane with its preternatural born hip hop and gothic groove and the crepuscular ghostly wonder of Whatcha Got I Want, the latter at the heart of that succubus flirtation we mentioned, Lunatic simply caused more debilitating pleasure through its intoxication. As epitomised by closing track Spider, itself a web of creative theatre and electronic drama matched in kind by voice and intent, the songs and indeed EP took all self-control from body and vocal chords as well as lust.

Veil and Cernea have bred and freed a virus to rival most others, a darkness to spark the spirit and indeed uninhibited devil within. Lunatic is a caliginous wonder which maybe not all will willingly escape into but for us mystery and wickedness provides the richest temptation and In Veil are all that and more. 

The Lunatic EP is out now; available @ 

Pete RingMaster 17/09/2021

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