The Dirtiest – Sovranista

It is always intriguing to guess and imagine the prime loves and inspirations for artists and certain sounds. Sometimes it is easy and in others a complete surprise. With Italian punks, The Dirtiest, there is no cigar for guessing right. The Ramones have stirred and inspired so many and the Florence band join that long list but as their new album proves, they have something so many others similarly influenced do not have, the dexterity to stamp their own presence on one of music’s most inimitable sounds. 

Sovranista is the Tuscan’s new full-length, a full-blooded stomp of vital New York bred punk rock infused with Italian creative spice and similarly sourced irritability. With a touch of The Spits to it too, the album offers song after song of inescapably familiar punk rock; without taking a breath each song breeds unfettered contagion as warm in catchiness as it is often fractious in attitude and regard for the world.   

The album comes digitally and on vinyl where its B-side additionally and exclusively provides eight bonus tracks in English. We had only access to the Italian sung tracks on side A but we can only imagine the pleasure to be found such the joy of ten songs that got under the skin in incessant order. It is an encounter surly no Ramones fan will turn away from yet as the opener shows there is plenty unique to The Dirtiest to please all punk rock fans.

From the moment Quando C’era Lui erupted in ears we were hooked, the track an urgent stroll of sonic hooks, manipulative rhythms and participation baiting vocals. As suggested, that major influence and personal passion is a surging captivation only escalated by the band’s own individual touch and one addictive union it quickly proved to be.

As, one closing beat departs the first prod of next up Devoto stamps down its authority, the pair just about allowing a single quick breath in between. Thereon in the song strides with its freakish swing and nagging dexterity, vocals again just as anthemic before the robust likes of Ti Piscio Sul Presepe with its fiery flames and rhythmic orchestration of the body and in turn Serial Killer wholly grip the moment.  The second of the two is a hungry trespass but again as greedily catchy as any encounter within the release and indeed from the legends that sparked it.

Throughout Sovranista added fun is trying to decide which Ramones gem the track most reminds of, its title track with its rampaging pace and ravenous breath one fine example bringing numerous suggestions to thoughts whilst setting out its own individual status in character and temptation with next up Re Del Punk Rock an rousing echo of the legend’s early scene shaping songs.

As the likes of Covidiot with its feral rock ‘n’ roll, a track with an additional whiff of Les Négresses Vertes to it, and the strapping rocker Number 71 leapt from the speakers so our addition only intensified, escalating only further as the verily flavoursome Robot and Down the Dirt with its vigorous and stirring holler brought the album, well first side in the vinyl version, to a inspiriting conclusion.

It might not be the most unique sound and release you will come across but Sovranista is undoubtedly one of the major pleasures and incitements of the year so far.

Sovranista is out now via Slovenly Recordings; available @

Pete RingMaster 13/09/2021

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