Black Bullet – Fuck You

With a fury of sound echoing the sentiment in the title of their debut album, rockers Black Bullet have just unleashed Fuck You on our ears. Eye balling the listener and challenging their inner rebel, the release is a rousing slab of the band’s mix of punk and hard rock and for us, a compelling introduction to the Spanish quintet.

We have not found much background to the Castellón De La Plana hailing band but Fuck You bears all the info we needed to find a keen familiarity with them and their voracious sound. The album has no reluctance in thrusting its high octane trespass through ears, opener On Fire prowling ears before uncaging its rich vein of hard rock fuelled punk ‘n’ roll. Aggressive yet eagerly infectious, harassing riffs and a great throaty bassline at the core of the swiftly welcome trespass, the track is a high charged, thickly rousing start to the release.

The following Make Me Feel Allright similarly does not hold back in energy and physical assertion from its first breath, vocals whipping up the rocker instincts inside as potently as the sounds surging around them. Equally there is a melodic fire burning away within the song, erupting with flames of craft and intensity throughout before Never Too Much shares the variety which is also at the heart of the band’s music. Its bluesy throes and Hammond keys again provides a fiery tempting  aligning raucously but skilfully with the tracks rock ‘n’ roll dexterity.

Grooves also show the band happy to embrace varied decades of sound within its own invention as Break Free strolls in next and with a swagger sizzles air and incites keen participation while successor Loosing My Faith calms the attack a touch for an emotive blaze with its own individual roar. It is still a forceful proposal and quickly addictive, another pyre of intensity and sonic heat soon laying a hand on favourite track honours.

The rhythmic exploits of This Is The End alone made the track a compelling proposal, the burn of grooves and melodic wiring increasing a pull which maybe the following So Easy did not match with its relaxed swing and catchy intent. We cannot say that it had us on board as effortlessly as other tracks within the album but by its first run we were bouncing around with attitude so job done.

The outstanding track, Black Bullet, discharged a fury of sound and rebellion next; the song a voracious incitement with a touch of early Misfits meets Turbonegro meets The Pirates to it which had lustily hollering before the album’s title track turned that voracious proposition into a more predatory if still belligerently infectious affair. As with most tracks there is an air of undefined familiarity to it which makes attention inescapable yet only flavours something individual to Black Bullet.

Citty Pretty saunters in with again a certain swagger aligned to rhythmic manipulation, it soon fanning out into a sonic blaze without losing that inescapable exploitation of a body’s instinctive want to move; a welcome weakness just as easily milked by the final bonus pair of Always & Forever and Be Strong. With their particular brew of muscular rock ‘n’ roll; both songs bring the album to a dextrous close, the latter drawing on a great vein of punk rock for its uproar.

With a great feral and anthemic breath also coating each and every track within, Fuck You proved a thickly enjoyable and invigorating slab of prime rock ‘n’ roll. Black Bullet may have been an undiscovered proposition for our ears here but now they and their album are a regular ear grabber and we have the feeling we soon will not be alone ringing the plaudits.

Fuck You is out now via Undead Artists Records digitally and Furious Records on vinyl; available @

Pete RingMaster 16/09/2021

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