Kid Klumsy – Fair Dooz

From day one, getting involved with the sounds and creative escapades of UK punksters Kid Klumsy has been like romping through a cavalcade of sonic attractions, a big grin on the face epitomising the fun had. It is fair to say though that the band’s full fairground of adventure and imagination, more glimpsed previously, has finally been fully unveiled within their new EP and quite simply Fair Dooz is their finest most rounded carnival of mischievous pleasure yet.

Fair Dooz is the fourth EP from the Coalville based quintet, an encounter which feels in many ways the fruitful result of the past eighteen months for the world. It is bold and adventurous, like it has relished the free time enforced upon its creators but also revealing with the bite, irritability and whoosh of emotional and psychological instability we have all felt. Quite simply it is a fairground of fertile temptation and hectic activity reaping the inherent madness and craft the band has always shared.

From a musical welcome and invitation the EP opens with Coconut and instantly is teasing attention and worming under the skin with its keys led carnival swing. Weab I Am is as quickly barking out his narrative of the unravelling scenery we frequent, rhythms continuing to whip up movement and subservience as ably as the guitars. Addiction forging from just the first listen, the track is superb and setting the release off in thrilling style.

From the punk ‘n’ roll of the first song, the band uncages their prime punk rock instincts within Revolution. From its first breath, the track snarls and fights, every rhythmic swing from Fatwig biting incitement driving the rebellion within the heart of the encounter. Even so, the dextrous lures woven by the guitars relish the broader rock flavours that equally add to one fiery stomp.

Song For Whoever is another compelling fusion of styles, punk and post punk aligned to an infection loaded alt rock enterprise as it casts its own inescapable Kid Klumsy character. Unapologetically catchy but with that air of unpredictability that makes the whole of Fair Dooz a gripping incitement, the song courts thick involvement and attention before stepping aside for Media to spins its web of punk fuelled, scorn lined contemplation. Pointing its rapacious claws at image driving, derision bearing mass communication in all its guises, it is sonic virulence which again echoes the ‘virus’ its subject brings society.

The EP closes up with Rise and once more ears and imagination were drawn into the band’s sideshows of creativity and sound. Featuring the rich tones of Rachel Reeves (Murderers Row), the track is a sinister proposal in sound and insight. It surges through ears with esurient gusto between circus taunts of dark intent amidst lost hope and pleasures, every moment and twist a provocative incitement on body and thought meaning Fair Dooz ends as strikingly as it began.

It would not be wrong to say that we have fully devoured the previous offerings from Kid Klumsy yet each had moments which maybe did not inflame the pleasures as richly as others but with Fair Dooz, every breath and second offered proved uncontainable addiction. The EP is easily the most complete, inspired, and irresistible encounter with Kid Klumsy and we invite you to enter the funhouse as soon as you can.

Fair Dooz is out now via STP Records, available @ https://w where the Spit Your Souls Out – 12″ is also available; the release a combination of the first 2 Kid Klumsy EP’s together on one 12″ Glow In The Dark vinyl record @

Pete RingMaster 22/09/2021

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