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Having impressed and found potent support through their debut EP, UK alt rockers Night Thieves up the ante with its successor Spiral. The EP is a three track roar of dextrous sound and creative drama which suggests the London trio are poised to expose a new plateau of adventure and acclaim.

Formed late 2017 and taking their time to hone their sound before venturing out live the following year, Night Thieves really escalated their arrival on the UK rock scene with debut EP Battle Cry in 2020. With a sound drawing inspiration from the likes of Royal Blood, Architects, Biffy Clyro, Spiritbox, and Incubus, the band soon found potent radio support and a new eager wealth of fans. As the Covid pandemic took over the world, all live plans, as for every artist, were made redundant so the Londoners set about working on their follow-up EP, remotely working with producers Paul Visser (Black Orchid Empire, Hawxx) and Kev Yates (Forever Never) to bring Spiral to life. Now the threesome of vocalist Jess Moyle, guitarist Paul Andrew, and bassist Rick Hunter-Burns have uncaged their new offering and it proved easy to see why in the handful of days since its release, a roar of praise and support has already gathered.

 Spiral opens with new single Atoned, a track which instantly stirs into robust life with bait loaded riffs, a captivating groove and biting rhythms. As Moyle’s magnetic tones enter the temptation the song relaxes its attack but not its persuasion, melodic shimmers adding to the captivation which only brews stronger as the fire in the song’s belly catches greater flame. Compelling and increasingly addictive, the track set a striking start to the release.

The following Off The Wire gently moves in on ears, its mellow breath and almost demure touch a warm bed for Moyle’s seductive yet fiery voice, essences soon assumed by the growing sound around her. Its arousal sees sonic wires wrapping the senses as melodic flames burst, the track finding an almost Animal Alpha like drama to its mercurial and emotive roar.

Figure It Out completes the release, a track fusing metal and predacious rock around melodic contemplations. As across all tracks, rhythms and especially Hunter-Burns’ tenebrific basslines tempt and taunt, inciting and menacing from within an imagination of increasing captivation. Taking favourite track honours, the finale is trespass and seduction in one cauldron of rich temptation and reason enough alone to check out the Spiral EP.

Night Thieves have used isolation to discover a new evolution in their sound and invention, a growth which easily sets their new EP as their finest moment yet and gives a fresh exciting spark to the British alternative rock scene.  

The Spiral EP is out now

Pete RingMaster 14/09/2021

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