Las Ratapunks – Fracaso, Año De La Rata 2020

We are not sure how many records from Peruvian bands we have covered before but few can be as striking and memorable as the new EP from Las Ratapunks. Courtesy of James at Kibou Records, we found Fracaso, Año De La Rata 2020 offering four slices of the band’s hardcore spun punk rock, incitements which soon dropped into our new passions box.

Las Ratapunks was born in 2014 in Cajamarca, a city in the Peruvian highlands; formed by Yk, Irma and Kiara in 2014, the three already friends from attending hardcore punk concerts the city. The line-up was subsequently completed by Wendi and in time the quartet released debut EP, Ratas de ciudad. Though certain members moved to Arequipa for work, the band stayed strong and its line-up stable as the others in the band happily travelled to meet up and play shows including some in Lima arranged by Charly, the vocalist of the Peruvian band Diazepunk.

Recorded in 2020, Fracaso, Año De La Rata 2020 is a proper introduction to the wider world after one of the band’s tracks appeared upon the compilation, Girlz Disorder Volume 1 last year. The EP rips through the speakers and ears from its first breath, opener Apatia a surge of guitar and rhythms soon driven by just as raucous but infectious vocals. It is a glorious clamorous affair confronting and challenging the senses with feral contagion and open craft, hardcore and old school punk in greedy infectious collusion. 

Its unapologetic uproar is matched by that of the following Ministerio and its minute and a half of unbridled irritation. It too just erupts with ferocious appetite upon the senses but as the first is fuelled by an inherent raw catchiness that the likes of Honey Bane (Fatal Microbes), Pauline Murray (Penetration) and Brody Dalle would eagerly have grabbed in their own individual exploits over the years.

Los Ladrones hungrily prowls the listener next, its gait soaked in urgency but held back enough to be more predator than assailant though that soon changes as the emotive holler of band and song erupts. As those around it, the track just hooked quick and keener attention, provoking greater greed by the cycle and listen with the band’s uproar cyclonic but unleashed with deliberate antagonism and invention.

Finally La Pieza has its moment to command attention which it does with a glorious hook and a subsequent onrush of sonic insurgency. It is an invasion with a united harmonic vocal call, urban sirens drawing ears into the concussively contagious clamour of the song.

All four tracks left us drooling for more, Fracaso, Año De La Rata 2020 stirring the passions with its riot grrrl/hardcore punk seeded pandemonium but a tumult belying the invention and craft of a band we surely will be hearing a lot more of now on, we hope.

Fracaso, Año De La Rata 2020 is out now via Kibou Records, Amok Records, and No Front Teeth Records on Ltd Ed 7” vinyl.

Pete RingMaster 26/08/2021

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