Pistols At Dawn – Nocturnal Youth EP

With previous singles such as Cold and Gauntlet sparking attention it is fair to say that Pistols At Dawn have being a growing presence within the US rock scene, those tracks equally stirring the ears and praise of those further afield. Recently the band uncaged the Nocturnal Youth EP a release which tells us their rise is over and they have arrived as one potent ear grabbing incitement.

Formed in 2015, the Atlanta quintet has forged a sound which has drawn comparisons to the likes of Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, Tool and Disturbed. They are references which in various ways can be understood, and we would add UK band Fuckshovel to that list, yet as Nocturnal Youth boldly reveals, theirs is a sound with its own individuality and character.

Voices opens up the encounter, immediately challenging but fully tempting ears with a wall of sound before quickly drawing keener attention with its controlled web of rhythmic and sonic tempting around the potent tones of Chris Pierson. The song stalks and preys on suggested fears and intimidation, erupting on the same with melodic flames and voracious intent.

It is a fine start which both Crown with its equally tempestuous yet firmly composed proposal and Now Is The Time reinforce, the latter a calmer but no less dramatic incitement with a great Alice In Chains like fire in its roar. Certainly there is a familiarity in the songs yet it only adds to their own rousing invention and gives greater drama to the EP’s final and best track, Gone Black. Virulently infectious from its first breath and rapaciously invasive thereon in, the track nags and seduces in equally measure, every melody invasive alongside rhythm manipulative together matching similarly woven vocals and enterprise.

It is a glorious end to one fine encounter; Pistols At Dawn marking their territory on the frontline of heavy rock.

The Nocturnal Youth EP is out now.

https://www.facebook.com/PistolsAtDawnBand   https://www.instagram.com/pistolsatdawnofficial

Pete RingMaster 29/07/2021

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