Keeley – Brave Warrior

photo by Alan Maguire

Recently we took a look at The Glitter and the Glue, the recent single from Irish indie rock/pop artist Keeley. Such its energy and catchiness we just had to venture into the release it was taken from. Its suggestion was that The Brave Warrior EP would be a powerful and dramatic proposal, what we found was all that and more.

As that previous track, the EP is centred by the 1988 murder in Northern Ireland of German tourist Inga Maria Hauser. It is a crime which also themes Keeley’s blog, The Keeley Chronicles, which she has been publishing for the past five years, working closely with Northern Irish police, senior politicians and Inga’s legal representatives in Northern Ireland to advance and resolve the notorious case.

It is The Glitter and the Glue which opens up the EP, the song instantly strolling through ears with pop contagion and rock bred tempting. As her alluring tones and lyrical exposing, Keeley’s guitar weaves a web of temptation as seductive as it is sonically searing; it all uniting for a rousing stomp with an infection bearing manner which continues to be a striking proposal.

Last Words is next up, calmly drawing ears and the imagination into its own exploration of fact within an almost dreamy landscape of sound. There is a psychedelic aspect to the Keeley sound which a hue in the first is a bolder flume across its successor. Equally there is an early Blondie-esque essence to the song’s pop rock character, the keys of producer Alan Maguire sweeping across the almost reconstruction like reflection of Hauser’s travels for one mesmeric proposal.

Never Here Always There similarly has an atmospheric air, one more pronounced and just as radiant even with the open shadows in character and emotion. Transfixing throughout and with its own particular crepuscular seduction, the song is almost like a prelude to the irresistible You Never Made It That Far.

The EP’s latest single, the track is a haunting piece of sound and drama centring on Hauser’s final hours. Every psych bound melodic shimmer and graceful sonic wire is like a spotlight on the nightmare with danger and foreboding riding its rhythmic trespass to increase tension and fascination.

Absorbing and evocative, the track is a riveting end and biggest highlight of a wholly captivating release, the Brave Warrior EP announcing Keeley as one truly compelling artist.  

The Brave Warrior EP is out now via Dimple Discs; available @  

Pete RingMaster 19/08/2021

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