Twisted Pleasure; Another Reprobate Collection

Four bands across three releases, time to check in on new encounters brought to us by Reprobate Media and once more unique sounds breed rich pleasure.

June 11th saw two of those bands unite in an infestation of lo-fi devilry via Goodbye Boozy Records in a Split 7”; a release of creative irreverence and lo-fi deviancy which proved mercilessly addictive.

7″ split

The first half is provided by Australian outfit Satanic Togas, who unleash two tracks of lo fi/scuzz punk infection upon the senses.

The Sydney based band pester the senses and psyche first with Strange Attraction, a track which with a raw shimmer brews a body of persuasion that subsequently goes on a rapacious stroll. Riffs and rhythms create a garage rock swing in the midst of its old school punk hued harassment, its body untamed bordering caustic but with contagiousness that commands body and attention.

Second song is Unaware, an even more feral offering which gnaws on the bones it leads on another viral saunter. The clamour of riffs and brisk rallies of rhythms casts one infernal tempting, its trespass wholly seductive with its sprightly gait but darkly hellish in its seduction, traits only escalated by vocal prowess.

Both tracks hit the spot instantly and menacingly lingered though only around the four minutes which belong to Italian reprobates Zoids and the other two offerings in the split; that belonging to them alone before sharing nagging persistence thereon in.

Teramo hailing, Zoids immediately spring their noise punk clang upon the ears, Running Man breeding its own particular infection as sonic wires sear air and senses. There is a touch of Johnny Thunders like punkiness to the encounter, its breath a corrosive seduction lent to nosy belligerence.

Drifting away it is replaced in temptation by Crash Minds, the track bred from the same template as its companion but with aggressive individuality and predacious irritability. That predatory aspect soaks the track in every aspect, vocals prowling as riffs and hooks stalk, the song teasing and taunting without unleashing its full aggression but all the contagious and impressive for it to complete one irresistible union and release.

    Also available through Goodbye Boozy Records is a two-track offering from Mainframe, a covid born email project featuring Bill (Research Reactor Corp.), Iskha (Satanic Togas, Set Top Box…) and Sean (Belly Jelly , Dummy….). The Teramo based label unite two of the band’s tracks on a one-sided 7” for a release which may prove to be a one off, a fleeting experience with the band but is definitely a sonic punk virus to keenly embrace.

Employee is first up, electronic and sonic tempting woven around vocal mania. Psychosis drips from every breath and deviancy sprung syllable, punk irritability contrasted and highlighted by the calm saunter of the electronic waltz that accompanies the trespass. Even so it too has a psyche twisting prowess driven by guitars and rhythms that swiftly and inescapably got under the skin.

Providing a just as addictive proposal is RIP. Straightaway the second track is a blur of rhythmic incitement, beats a rapacious jabbing to which the jangle of guitars and the angular pop of electronics bring thicker temptation. Certain aspects of the song has a warped Silicon Teens like virulence, a punk pop infection adding to a romp which yet again is prone to the dark instincts and psyche of band and vocals bringing a glorious insane deviancy; the result a track and release which is pure addiction.


    Lastly with US Fuzz psychers The Schizophonics announcing a 14 date US tour for later this year and an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas as well as the near completion of new album, Hoof It, that scheduled for release early 2022 on Pig Baby Records, it felt right to check out the band’s latest single. It is an encounter which slipped under many radars last year but, offering two striking covers, should not be ignored, indeed whetting appetite and anticipation for the busy time with the band ahead.

Firstly the band grabs MC5 classic Black to Comm and flush it with their sonic fuzz, resisting the urge to twist it in their own likeness but slowly and potently infusing the track with their distinct tonic, energy and mania. So familiar, it is ready made for participation but The Schizophonics incite greater urgency in that union for a truly rousing version of the song.

Acompanying the treat is another in the shape of Remake Model, the band taking the Roxy Music track and infusing it with richer Schizophonics intoxication. It is fiery, a little irritable and wholly seductive; the sonic itch of the song brought to greater trespass and addiction with psych punk rapacity, for one quite superb incitement.

Released via Pig Baby Records, Black To Comm /Remake Model is a must and the perfect teaser for the next Schizophonics invasion.


9.8: Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas

9.9: Dallas, TX @ Three Links

9.10: Houston, TX @ TBA

9.11: New Orleans, LA @ Santos Bar

9.12: Pensacola, FL @ TBA

9.13: Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub

9.14: Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits

9.16: Atlanta, GA @ EARL

9.17: Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone

9.18: Nashville, TN @ 5 Spot

9.20: Louisville, KY @ Headliner’s Music Hall

9.21: Knoxville, TN @ TBA

9.22: Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle

9.26: Las Vegas, NV @ Punk Rock Bowling

Pete RingMaster 08/06/2021

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