Disstraxx – The Fix/Obnoxiously Perfect

This past January saw UK punks Disstraxx make an attention grabbing introduction to themselves with their debut single, one drenched in the potential and promise of striking things to come. Now the band has just unleashed its successor, a release confirming those hopes and expectations set in motion whilst setting another benchmark in the band’s sound and ferocious enterprise.

Featuring ex-members of Autopsy Boys and The Plight, Disstraxx was formed by vocalist Lee Brönskibeat late 2020. The quartet quickly began writing and forging their punk sound, one described as embracing a big influence from the late 1980s US hardcore scene but equally the old school and DIY inspirations of seventies UK punk rock. As the twin offerings of the band’s first single, Pieces /Slow Motion Car Crash quickly stamped down, it is a proposition as furious as it is contagious and as invasive as it is mischievous.

The double attack of their new single brings greater venom, virulence and devilment to the attributes of its impressive predecessor; its two tracks a union of unapologetic and dextrous trespassing upon the senses and pleasure.

Lead song is The Fix, an incitement which is openly bred in that old school punk dissonance but brewing and unleashing a virulence of sound and energy which effortlessly manipulated body and reactions. As it slices through apathy, pretence and all that wraps our lives, the song harries and incites. Rhythmically it is a punchy aggressor taking the body on eager manoeuvres whilst untamed riffs add their own rousing harassment. Within the arousing, Brönskibeat’s tones and words further stir the eye opening encouragement and provocation, the track blossoming with untamed catchiness throughout. 

The B-side sees Obnoxiously Perfect uncage a more predacious infestation of ears and the falsehood within so many guided by their narrow-minded self-importance. It too is a pestering of the listener, bringing a darker breath bred in irritability and infectiousness that stalks the senses before devouring its welcome.

 It has now been four tracks heard, all crafting their individual characters with an already distinct Disstraxx sound. The band is currently working on their first album and thanks to the galvanic punk incitements untethered by the foursome so far now headed by the imposingly addictive The Fix/Obnoxiously Perfect we are not alone in breeding high anticipation for the arrival of You Small Like Robots

With the single, as its predecessor, currently available digitally as name your price downloads @ https://disstraxx.bandcamp.com/album/the-fix fans and plaudits are swarming, so we invite you to join the surge.

https://disstraxx.com/   https://www.facebook.com/disstraxx   https://www.instagram.com/disstraxx/   https://twitter.com/disstraxx

Pete RingMaster 08/06/2021

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