Embracing The Shameless: A single collection

A knock at our virtual door saw the inimitable Shauna of Shameless PR and the just as unique band Ummagma bring a handful of new singles for our exploration. With her ear for something special it proved no surprise that each warranted our desire to share each with you so…

Leading the way and the hordes across hopefully soon unshackled dance-floors is Pretty Pussycat, the new single from Garrison Hawk. Taken from his latest album, The Adrenaline, the track boldly took our favourite song addiction among a number of fine encounters within that irresistible encounter, and now standing alone is an anthem of mischief destined to have eager crowds bouncing and chanting once given full freedom from the pandemic’s grip.

Renowned for his collaborations with the likes of Tricky and Sly & Robbie, Hawk (a.k.a. Hawkman) has drawn just as rich plaudits for his solo adventures especially for his recently Marathon Records released full length. His music has been an eager host of styles and flavours over the time but for The Adrenaline Hawk went back to his roots and passion for reggae and dancehall. Pretty Pussycat is bred from the latter but again with keen hues of other essences, the song inspired from that moment of instant captivation all men have felt for a woman once eyes alight her presence, whether a romance fulfilled or not.

Pretty Pussycat immediately provokes ears and temptation with its teasing sounds, Hawk soon joining the lure with his animated vocals. That aural animation continues as the track twists and turns in its sounds, its body moving with a slinky feline like tempting but equally a dextrous web of textures and unpredictability to cast yet an another trap of captivation.

With a chorus alone no one could resist and a devilment of moves which is pure manipulation, the salacious flirtation posing as Pretty Pussycat just gets more addictive and thrilling with age.

   This is a collection of tracks which are born in a varied source of flavours, synth pop the heart of Bewildered, the just unveiled track from indie pop artist Ender Bender. The track has an eighties inspiration to its breath but equally embraces indie pop enterprise from then and now for its magnetic stroll.

Ender Bender is the solo project of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Eddie Olguin, a Rome based artist who was part of the Los Angeles rock ‘n’ roll sound and lifestyle for many years. Now primarily a studio musician-producer Olguin created Ender Bender once relocated and has used the lockdowns to create and hone his project’s sound and imagination, the forthcoming New Era EP, released June 25th, the highly anticipated outcome.

Like the track Have A Good Time before it, Bewildered is a compelling teaser for that larger encounter, the song a lively melodic smile which from a subdued but richly coaxing entrance becomes a busy lure of temptation. As mentioned, synth pop and indie pop unite in its canvas of persuasion, hues of artists like Paul Haig, early Human League and China Crisis flicking through thoughts though firmly the track imposes its own individuality.

Naggingly infectious, it is another encounter which left no option for the body but to swing and vocal chords to partake; Bewildered left us anything but.

    A wind of hope and reassuring optimism, Burst Through The Borders is the latest single from UK outfit Caulbearers. Inspired by and in a time when life as we were used to has had to be given fresh value in many ways as well as a source of change, the song is charm and galvanic spirit for the heart and imagination.

The Manchester hailing band, formed in 2007, is a collective of musicians led by Damien Mahoney. They are artists coming from around the UK and Europe with an appetite for creating richly diverse sounds embracing flavours ranging from hip-hop, funk, dub, soul and afrobeat to a nu-jazz meets folk adventure. Burst Through The Borders is bred from that latter fusion, the song a gentle but vigorously infectious incitement for ear and thought alike.

Keys and guitar shape its entrance, strings adding further coaxing and firmer intimation to its emerging body. Mahoney’s vocals quickly hold attention, his words and breath almost cinematic in a fly on the wall like view and suggestion as the track surveys and highlights the richness and wonder in the world and humanity.

In a moment when such could be doubted, the song is a poetic reminder further graced by the radiant tones of Ruth Blake, the pair also magnetically centre stage of the cinematic video which accompanies the superb track.

Blake also stars in the single’s B-side Solid Supposed, a smoky seduction in a jazz lit serenade. It too has a seemingly reserved gait but one revealing its fevered sway with true virulence and soulful dexterity. The earnest call of sax escalated the temptation hugging ears, its flames melancholic yet invigorating and a delicious companion to the beauty and passion escaping Blake’s vocals chords.

Both tracks proved irresistible with the craft and invention of the likes of drummer Howard Jacobs (808 State, Beth Gibbons, Homelife, Toolshed), guitarist Anton Hunter (Beats and Pieces Big Band, Article XI), cellist Stefan Skrimshire, bassist Nicholas Malin, and pianist Edward Chilvers with acoustic guitar from Andrew Mucha all nurturing increasingly addictive persuasion.

    Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino is another single which almost effortlessly beguiled; the track the new striking offering from The Gorstey Lea Street Choir. It is also a potent teaser for the band’s upcoming new album, …from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I released via Britain’s 500 Broadcast Recording Co, a song alone which is enough to make that 8–track encounter eagerly anticipated.

The Gorstey Lea Street Choir consists of Michael Clapham and Russ Phillips, two long-time friends first meeting in the mid-’80s but only uniting their creative imagination in 2016, though a proposal regularly talked about for many years as the pair played in respective Manchester bands.

Produced and mixed by Gavin Monaghan (Robert Plant, Editors, Ocean Colour Scene, Scott Matthews, Squeeze, Goldblade), Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino reveals a fusion of indie and psychedelic rock in its imagination loaded character. It too has an emotive insight and look at life, its more intimate journey as compelling as the lively sounds surrounding its reflection. From rhythmic manipulation to rousing incitement in its breath, the song was quickly under the skin and inspiring accompanying vocal chords.

In some ways the track was like an old friend in sound, apt considering its creators enduring friendship, but in every aspect individually fresh and unique in temptation, a spark in sound and invitation in word to enjoy what is in our hands and for what is to come.  

Lastly in this selection we keenly recommend checking out My Father Took Me Everywhere from Chris Connelly and Monica Queen. Taken from their album The Birthday Poems, which is being released as these words hit the site, the track is a riveting slice of creative drama and poetic intimation providing the imagination with a richness of incitement.

The link up of two of the most compelling artists from within the Scottish music scene is alone enough to draw attention, Connelly previously gripping our ears as part of Ministry, The Revolting Cocks and Pigface and Queen through Thrum and recently Tenement & Temple. Their union is inspired by a celebration of the 100th birthday of Orkney-born George Mackay Brown, the duo creating a fictionalized account of the romance between the celebrated Scottish poet and author and his muse Stella Cartwright, as well as her friendship with Edinburgh born poet Stanley Roger Green.

My Father Took Me Everywhere immediately held ears as a rhythmic shuffle enticed and were quickly embracing the swaying and bewitching intimation of synths and guitar, both magnetically aligned to the darker almost imposing pull of bass. As quickly, Queen’s vocal drama and prowess gripped, the track consuming all attention as its lyrical weaving and organic drama hooked the imagination.

It is fair to say that for five and a half minutes, Chris Connelly and Monica Queen owned attention and for the same length of time sparked rich pleasure.

Equally worth noting is that soon Connelly will perform a series of limited-seating shows in Chicago, performing songs from ‘The Birthday Poems’, as well as stories associated with Connelly’s discovery and investigation of the relationship which inspired the album. An online event is also in the works. Links to all events can be found at www.thebirthdaypoems.com.

Pretty Pussycat and The Adrenaline are now available digitally everywhere, including Spotify and Apple Music.

https://www.facebook.com/GarrisonHawk   https://twitter.com/garrisonhawk   https://www.instagram.com/Garrison.Hawk/

Bewildered is out now across online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify. The New Era EP will be released on June 25 and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.

http://www.enderbender.com/   https://www.facebook.com/enderbendersonicdrug/   https://twitter.com/iamEnderBender

Burst Through The Borders is available across digital platforms, including and Apple Music and Spotify.

https://caulbearers.com/   https://www.facebook.com/caulbearers   https://caulbearers.bandcamp.com/   https://twitter.com/Caulbearers

https://www.ruthblake.com/   https://ruthblake.bandcamp.com/   https://www.facebook.com/ruthblakemusic   https://twitter.com/ruthblakemusic

Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino is available everywhere digitally, including Apple Music and Spotify, with the album …from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I released on July 9th. It can already be pre-ordered via the label’s Bandcamp.

https://www.facebook.com/TheGorsteyLeaStreetChoir    https://500broadcast.bandcamp.com/   https://twitter.com/GorsteyLea

As of June 15, The Birthday Poems is available everywhere digitally, including Apple Music and Spotify. It can also be ordered, on CD and download, directly from the artist via Bandcamp while My Father Took Me Everywhere is out now.

https://chrisconnelly.com/   https://chrisconnelly.bandcamp.com/   https://www.facebook.com/ChrisConnellyOfficial    https://twitter.com/Connelly_Chris https://www.facebook.com/MonicaQueenandThrum https://twitter.com/MonicaQueen4

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