Tokky Horror – I Found The Answers And Now I Want More

I Found The Answers And Now I Want More is the debut EP from UK outfit Tokky Horror, the highly anticipated next adventure with producer/musician/song writer and former Queen Zee vocalist Zee Davine. It offers up five tracks of electropunk/‘virtual hardcore’ incitement which stretches boundaries and the release’s creative landscape with relish, demanding attention from ears with every twist and turn.

Davine is joined by vocalists Ava Akira and Mollie Rush, the Liverpool, London and Manchester based trio drawing on the inspiration of Atari Teenage Riot, Dennis Lyxzen (Refused, International Noise Conspiracy) and Liam Howlett of The Prodigy in the creation of their own  quickly established individual sound. As mentioned, I Found The Answers And Now I Want More takes the listener on an array of adventures in sound and flavour but all flowing with a distinct Tokky Horror goodness.

Girl Racer sets the release off in full throttle, dubbed lures soon succumbing to the rev of rhythms and the incessant nagging of hooks and grooves. There is a whiff of Kap Bambino to the song and its electronic aberrance but as repeated throughout the release, it breathes wholly Tokky Horror distinction and imagination.

The relentless tempting and drive of the first track is quickly contrasted by the more even paced but no less rapacious antics of Simulate Me. With eighties synth pop glazing to its electronic sensuality and punk challenge in the skin  of its untamed waltz, the track similarly wormed under the skin and manipulated keen reactions.

The band continued to captivate and surprise with Godliness, the song nurturing a presence akin to Massive Attack meets Crystal Castles meets The Mood without sharing its uniqueness with any. It is a gentle sway and seduction which wrapped ears but, as with all tracks, one belying the snarl and attitude in its character and heart.

Eden On Acid uncages a full feral sonic incursion, the track an electro punk cyclone cultivated upon rhythmic disruption and electronic turmoil. Similarly, vocals bear untamed psychosis but it is all aligned to an electronic succulence that insatiably seduced before Sleeper concludes the stomp with its own dramatic and unique dance party. That Prodigy influence is an open tempting as too a more Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft nurtured incessancy which harassed and consumed for the thickest pleasure.

It is just another striking moment within I Found The Answers And Now I Want More, a release that had us bounding around and drooling for more; so the suggestion is easy. Go have ravening fun.

I Found The Answers And Now I Want More is out now via Alcopop! Records.


04.09.21 – Cardiff – PWR Festival

11.09.21 – Liverpool – Futurama Fest

12.11.21 – Birkenhead – Future Yard

13.11.21 – Leeds – Nice As Pie Race Festival

14.11.21 – Bristol – The Exchange

18.11.21 – London – Shacklewell Arms

19.11.21 – Newport – Le Pub

20.11.21 – Nottingham – *new venue tba*

Pete RingMaster 22/05/2021

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