Suzi Moon – Call the Shots

With a journey of experience that many would wish for, US rocker Suzi Moon is poised to release her debut solo EP, Call the Shots. It is a three-track fury of punk rock bred, rock ‘n’ roll bullied incitement which demands attention and lays warning of major things ahead.

Since, aged 15, she joined her sister’s famed punk band, Civet, Moon has left a potent imprint on the US punk/rock scene. From the band which recorded two albums with Hellcat Records and shared tours and stage with the likes of Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, she subsequently formed fierce rockers Turbulent Hearts and co-founded unique garage/punk/stoner female power trio L.A. Machina, a band in its brief life that ignited the senses and acclaim with an Alternative Tentacles released EP. From its demise, Moon was soon writing and breeding new songs which fired up her solo intent and now create one striking and rousing debut.

As soon as I’m Not a Man rips from the speakers, artist and release had ears and instincts fired up, Call the Shots rapaciously taking hold from the song’s initial steely bassline and quickly joining canter of riffs and rhythms. Just as immediate, Moon’s vocals further ignite proceedings, her presence and tones challenge and incitement stirring things up like a mix of Wendy O. Williams and Suzi Quatro. With an old school power pop infection and similarly aged punk belligerence, the track sets its stall and attitude out in rousing style, the teasing mischief of keys completing the rich pleasure.

Nuthin’ to Me follows and instantly devours the senses with its punk ferocity and rock ‘n’ roll dexterity. This time a more Distillers-esque hue badger ears within the song’s individual trespass as rhythms again create a punchy lead to rock ‘n’ roll contempt. As its predecessor, the song also unleashes an infection which effortlessly had the body bouncing and vocal chords roaring, one veined by the equally flavoursome enterprise of guitar.

Final song Special Place In Hell is a contagion of punk ‘n’ roll trespass, a rousing anthem of sound and irritation which had us swinging like puppets upon its viral strings. Feral and addictive, the track tops the trio of provocation and creative goading to bring the impressive release to a glorious end.

Fair to say Call the Shots has stirred up an impatient anticipation of things to come whilst punching an impressive mark upon the year’s pleasures so far; so watch out world, Suzi Moon is coming after you.

Call the Shots is released May 21st via Pirates Press Records; available on 12″ vinyl @

Pete RingMaster 21/05/2021

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