The Serfs – EP

We all have musical moments which leave the deepest impression; it could be the seed to a true passion for an artist or a moment a previously unexplored flavour or style majorly catches the imagination. Whatever the cause of that potent moment, it makes a rich imprint on personal pleasure and direction. The new 7” release, simply called EP, from Ohio based outfit The Serfs, feels like it has the potential to be such a mark in some people’s journey. The three track offering is a slab of synth punk with a breath nurtured from decades of inspiration and an imagination forged in the discontent and disillusion of today; a fusion creating one addictively striking proposition.

The EP’s A-side opens up with Angelic Ritualistic Cruelty and instantly bears its old school punk seeding, riffs openly DIY raw and emotionally dissonant. Equally there is an untamed garage punk causticity driven by synths and guitars with its rhythmic incitement bred in post punk irregularity. Barely glimpsing the horizon of two minutes, the song nags and harasses as it wormed under the skin like a mix of Swell Maps and Alien Sex Fiend.

Sonic threads bring the rhythmically compelling Dissection into view, its potent entrance Damned like and again a wonderful niggle on the passions before vocals and guitars spring their creative irritability and prowess. The track almost taunts the senses thereon in, every temptation coming with a sense of bitterness and caustic contagion, tempestuousness fuelling its virulent clamour.

The B-side is united in invention and persuasion but reveals a fresh aspect to the band’s sound. The electronic landscape of Debt World is dystopian like, an industrial bleakness wrapped in warmer melodic temptation revealed in a vision akin to Landscape meeting the The Horrors in imagination. Haunting and caging a sense of elegance but with that underlying crepuscular suggestion, the track weaves a perception and intimation plagued with disaffection.

The Serfs have uncaged a stunning incitement which leaves a lingering mark on pleasure and appetite, maybe one to inspire one of those truly impacting moments.

The Serfs EP is out now via Market Square Recordings; available digitally and on 7” Ltd Ed vinyl (300) @

Pete RingMaster 04/05/2021

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