Stone Cavalli – Socila Kaos

Casting a tempest of sound and discontent, Socila Kaos is the new EP from Grenoble hailing Stone Cavalli. It is cauldron of electro and noise punk dynamics with punk rock grievance and post punk dissonance and one encounter which has grown more addictive by the listen.

Stone Cavalli is made up by vocalist/guitarist Simon Tarricone and his drummer brother Benjamin and the duo create a sound which takes no prisoners. Its breath in sound and word bears the irritability of a reflection on and grievance with a world in turmoil but casts it in a contagion of sound and incitement which commands attention. The pair has already shown its prowess within their 2018 released album Kill Violence, recorded with Manu Barrero of fellow French band As A New Revolt, but is now in full compelling roar within Socila Kaos.

Riot sets things off, opening up with industrially anarchic incitement reminiscent of their previously mentioned countrymen, but soon casting its own feral rock ‘n’ roll trespass as electronic and sonic predation align to controlled but just as irritable rhythms. That post punk instinct to the band’s sound prowls the senses throughout, punk fired rock ‘n’ roll eruptions only adding to the infection of the stormy climate.

It is a great start to the record which the EP’s title track escalates with its new wave embracing electro punk canter. As Simon’s vocals roar, Benjamin’s swings bite; their sonic and rhythmic nagging a compelling persuasion drenched in drama and energy as well as a tension which brings greater edge to the calm which momentarily breaks out in the rousing trespass.

 Avant La Nuit follows and reveals its own calmer repose, its electronic caresses rich in intimation breeding intrigue and danger as the guitar weaves its melodic suggestion and synths add further layers of temptation. Inn turn livelier incursions in the song’s gait breeds greater catchiness while keys continue to weave a richer tapestry of enticement. Even so there is a restlessness and mutiny in the air of the track which increasingly soaks through its sound and emotion, a fire which burns with greater discontent and intensity.

The release concludes with Yako, a track luring ears with deceitful relaxation before uncaging it’s vex and tempestuousness with aggression and enterprise. There is a grunge fuelled discontent to its mercurial clamour as relative calm aligns to feral furore, the track persistently twisting and turning to keep the imagination busy and ears gripped.

It is a fine end to a rousing release; Social Kaos a striking new proposal from Stone Cavalli which we suggest could and should set in motion big things for the French duo.

Social Kaos is out now via Sand Music.

Pete RingMaster 04/05/2021

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