Monasteries – Silence EP

Causing as much corrosive incitement in twenty odd minutes as nature over centuries, UK metallers Monasteries has just unleashed the Silence EP, a tempest of sound and intent which left us weak, despairing the state of our senses and sanity, and in rapture.

Consisting of five twisted fury driven songs, the EP is a startling next step from the Manchester band and their technical metal/deathcore nurtured sound. Familiarity and imagination go toe to toe across the release with the latter winning most duels and thanks to the individual character and invention of the band even recognisable essences are embroiled in fresh adventure. It is a combination as feral and primal as it is skilled and imaginative, ringing ears and a greed for more the proof of its imposing and impressive presence.

Jorogumo Yokai sets the creative consumption in motion, the track from a cinematic vocal suggestion seizing ears and senses with an infernal grip which soon sees sonic and rhythmic incursion breed animated turbulence. It is a dynamic and intensity which equally fuels the vocals which are soon infesting with their own particular trespass, the track soon a cauldron and urgently shifting kaleidoscope of sound and enterprise. Within the turbulence though, a calmer electronic and melodic seduction teases, never quite finding its moment to escape but adding to the track’s rich psychosis all the same.

One Minute To Midnight follows weaving its own destructive challenge from a similar template, riffs gnawing on the senses as rhythms swing their animus and vocals spill choleric irritability. Again unpredictability leads the clamour, every moment an unsettling and fertile captivation which successor Digital Suicide embroils in its own particular discord of sound and emotion. For all the relentless crucifying of expectations and constant shifting, there is an inherent virulence to the songs which is more than epitomised within this tempestuous outpouring of enterprise.

The final pair of Allowing Your Traitors To Die and Silence (In The Place Where Heaven Should Be Found) only further inflamed our appetite for the release, the first a collage of textures and ideas  embraced and shaped by the band’s instinctively destructive and imaginative intent. There are moments in the song which should not work, detours that are seemingly out of place yet they only add to the discord and tumult of thought and emotion soaking the similarly divisive sounds which the second also greedily employs in its addictively erratic and skilfully chaotic challenge.

The Silence EP twisted every aspect of our bodies and attention let alone psyche and pleasure not only survived but fuelled greed for more, now brace yourselves.

The Silence EP is out now through Seek And Strike Records, available @

Pete RingMaster 27/04/2021

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