DreamKids – Self Titled EP

Hailing from Scotland, DreamKids is a husband and wife duo which has just fully introduced themselves to the world with a self-titled EP. It is a release which quickly courted attention and a wish to know more, both we can only see being richly satisfied ahead going by the potential and already potent enterprise the release offers.

 Kilmarnock’s DreamKids is the creation of Dawn and Murray Baxter and springs a sound described as dream pop emo but soon proves within the EP as a far richer and intense fusion of sound and flavours. It has a raw edge bred of grunge meets noise rock essences and a fiery glaze which is indie/alternative rock nurtured not ignoring a more post punk seeded chill factor to its tempestuous drama. With Kieran Robertson providing bass for the release, it is an encounter which can be an infectious manipulation or an emotively intense trespass, at times a merger of the two.

Recorded at Chem 19 with Jamie Savage (Twilight Sad, King Creosote, Miaoux Miaoux), the EP opens up with Only God Knows If My God Is Real, a song “inspired by the bush fires in Australia and the way the human race does not preserve the world the way it should, while also referencing how people lean on “God” in times of crisis without believing in any God.” Immediately a surge of guitar courses through ears, its riffs instantly infectious but with a snarl which is matched in directness by the rapier swing of rhythms and the earnest power in Dawn’s voice. The infectiousness of the song though is as hungry as the rawer textures around it, the song a volatile almost clamorous slice of indie pop and a striking start to the release.

The equally compelling Stay Safe With Me tempts with a gentler coaxing next, a guitar melody courting the senses as again Dawn’s vocals provide a potent temptation. The inherent catchiness the song bears is in full swing within its lively chorus though again throughout the track there is an air of tempestuousness which enriches the drama before I C U erupts with punk rock confrontation and alt rock ferocity. With lyrical themes across the EP exploring the likes of the painful truth of life, lost relationships, global crises and addiction, each track has intensity seeded in its heart. That is in turn ignited by the sounds the pair not so much conjure as unleash and as here it makes for a stirring proposition.

Child calmly but evocatively entices ears next, rhythms soon adding more volatile dynamics before it all boils up into an intense but skilfully controlled unrest. The instrumental never quite turns to a storm and that just adds to the provocative edge of the turbulence stirring the imagination before Mother brings the EP to a fine close with a compelling seduction of tumultuous balladry and equally explosive creative drama.

 As with all songs, the unpredictable nature of the songwriting is as enticing as the mercurial and impassioned sounds which surge and often rage through ears, the EP closer epitomising the impressive qualities making DreamKids, the band and EP, easy to suggest all go explore for themselves.

The DreamKids EP is out now; available digitally and on cassette and CD @ https://dreamkidsuk.bandcamp.com/album/dreamkids-ep

https://www.facebook.com/DreamKidsUK/   https://twitter.com/DreamKidsUK   https://www.instagram.com/dreamkidsuk/  

Pete RingMaster 05/04/2021

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