Hazard Profile – Slime 7” EP

Though we have never let expectations get the better of us here at The RR, it is hard not to breed an essence of assumption when it comes to new releases from Kibou Records. The past two years alone has seen release after release ripping up the senses, stinging the imagination and arousing the appetite for unpredictability through a host of distinctly different punk and hardcore bred encounters. Adding to that list of incitement and the feral pleasure ignited is the Slime 7” EP from Hazard Profile, a five track debut ripping through ears like a cyclone whilst abusing and inciting with every voracious breath.

The band sees members/ex-members of Chaos UK, The Domestics, Fuk, Pi$$er, The Wankys, Tokyo Lungs, Feral State, Toecutter HC, Körd Värld, Kittie Shitter, Unicorn Fart Sugar, Bring The Drones and others creating a fury in sound and attitude and a release which is as virulent and creatively compelling as it is irritable and  violently quarrelsome.

No Vision is the first tempest to lay siege on ears, and instantly it had attention gripped as hook forging riffs harried the senses. Almost as quickly a vocal roar very familiar to the UK hardcore scene, and through releases we have covered previously, adds forceful dispute. Those united lures continue to feed a quick addiction, becoming more purposeful and invasive until erupting in a tempest of sonic toxicity and vocal insubordination. It is a superb start to the release, hardcore and punk uniting in bitter ferocity as old school instincts feed the imagination of writers and listener alike.

The EP’s title track is next and takes no prisoners as it unleashes its full weight and venom on the senses. Even so there is a catchy thread which tightly grips and feeds the subsequent respite before the storm breaks once more with greater animosity and furore. As those around it, the song sets a varied landscape beneath its squall, a creative character in the band which makes the fifty odd seconds of (Pull it) Tighter infectious punishment and infernal pleasure.

The following Retro-Turd makes an old school punk pop entrance, deceitfully luring ears before unshackling its intense tirade with just as gripping and captivating urgency; all the while softening the senses before Rubble & Bones brings things to a corrosive but again addition forging conclusion. From ravening vocals to caustic riffs, rhythmic brutality to deranged enterprise the track devoured and excited in mutual splendour; the EP leaving as turbulently and strikingly as it began.

As we suggested, there has been no major surprise when it comes to the quality and voracity which has fuelled the offerings of Kibou Records and the regularly affiliating labels around the world in recent times, or the frequent endeavours of a certain James Domestic who as you will read elsewhere is not done with violating the month of April, but never any predictability to the hungry adventure and rich imagination casting these trespasses; Hazard Profile and Slime the latest proof.

The Slime 7” is out 23rd April through Kibou Records (UK), Sanctus Propaganda Records (Poland), Sick World Records (New Zealand), and Urinal Vinyl Records (UK) digitally and on Black Vinyl limited to 300 with pre-ordering from 9th April @ https://kibourecords.bigcartel.com/ and https://kibourecords.bandcamp.com/album/slime

Pete RingMaster 08/04/2021

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