Venus de Vilo – Spooken Word

Halloween maybe the breeding ground of devils, demons, and ghouls and the tales they spawn, but it seems Easter is also a time for such adventures certainly going by Venus de Vilo. To be honest every day and night is the playground of the Irish ‘Queen of the Pumpkin Patch’ but she has chosen this festival for the release of her new album, the gothically dark and mischievously creepy Spooken Word.

It is the first brand new Venus de Vilo album since 2016 and the first of three proposed for 2021. We were first hooked and tainted by ‘The Voice of Horror’ back in 2013 through the Edgar Allan Ho EP and have had stalker tendencies for her bad deeds ever since. Musically she creates a theatre embroiled in acoustic and gothic rock ‘n’ roll but unafraid to let in the darkness of various melodic deviancies. She is also an imagination rousing poet, devilish storyteller and celebrated graphic novelist embracing the gothic world of the likes of Poe and Mary Shelley whilst breeding her own uniqueness from within the darkest corners of Dublin with burlesque drama and vaudeville flair.

Spooken Word follows in the vein of the “Sunday Mourning” creepy poetry album trilogy of a few years back which provided poems that, with a tongue solidly drenched in delicious dark humour and dripping blood, mischievously teased the imagination. The new encounter provides 20 such treats, each relishing misery, aberrant innocence and darkest desires in viscera soaked recitals; new poems and reworked classics all newly recorded with a fresh grin of lunacy, the maniacal and the madhouse.

From the first syllable of opening poem, Violets and Scream, Venus toys with the imagination, keenly poking your insanity whilst gripping ears. Revenge and insanity fuel the opener and the vision it inspires, the first of a rich tapestry of scenarios sparked and exposed within Spooken Word. There is barely time to relish the landscape conjured though as tracks come swiftly to reignite and twist the kaleidoscope of horror, Ghouls Night In instantly taking all focus next as decapitation spawns lunacy made romance.

It is fair to say every track captivated and enthralled within the release, whether a mere breath of seconds as in the blood let taunt of Perciviliforticus or the minute long advice and warning of Never By Night, each fomented captivation and pleasure. Elevated favourites did arise of course, the cracked nursery rhyme evocation of Dinky Und Diddums and the split psyche of Insanitorium to the fore with the ominous seduction of Tea Parlour Gothic another prime temptation.

Barely a second passed though without the world and imagination of Venus de Vilo holding uninterrupted court on ours as the likes of Too Goth To Moth, a piece seemingly soaked in author intimacy, the dark drama of Ectoplasmagoria, and the reflection of a hidden curse at the core of Leech gripped tightly.

There are some tracks which inspired a wish for more such their poetry and a deeper look into their darkness as in the sepia toned cinematic Impostoria andthe similarly compelling Luna Lost, but even so as all others each was a captivation of nefarious temptation.

The other tracks we will leave for your discovery to retain a touch of mystery but we assure you each leave a lingering pleasure and diabolical hunger for more, something we had already long discovered and bred for Venus de Vilo in sound and word. So come join us in her crypt of iniquity.

Spooken Word is out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 05/04/2021

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