Norm & The Nightmarez – The Chamber of Chills

The source of fine sounds and good deeds, The Chamber of Chills is the new album from UK psychobillies Norm & The Nightmarez. Limited to 100 copies on CD and also available digitally, it is already proving just a couple of weeks in from release a hungrily sought after offering which, with all profits going to the cancer ward of the hospital which nursed the father of the band’s creator Norm Elliott, is also raising well-needed funds for a great and worthy cause.

Rising up with the dark shadows and horrors within The Chamber of Chills, the album is a collection of songs which invade the body, court the imagination and inspire devilish shenanigans. As proven by predecessors such as Psychobilly Infection and Psychobilly D.N.A., the band’s sound also ventures through various flavours and styles and with the addictive double bass slapping of The Rev alongside the guitar and vocals of Norm, their new incitement is no different, indeed being their most varied adventure yet.

The Chamber of Chills gripped ears from its first breath, the immediate lure of Nigels Gone Back to the Planet Zorch a magnet to captivation and addiction. Inspired by and tribute to one of the godfathers of psychobilly, Nigel Lewis, the track quickly stomps across the senses with rapacious devilry. Hooks dig deep as rhythms manipulate; The Rev’s bass manna to the psycho inside whilst sonic flames only light up the song’s creative deviancy through Norm’s guitar enterprise.

The thrilling start is instantly backed and built upon by She Haunts That Man, again that upright rhythmic compulsion a viral lead to body and spirit. Melodic shimmers light the tale of eternal revenge, Norm narrating its drama as perfectly as his guitar colours it. In no time body and vocal chords were in league with the Morricone hued adventure becoming even more enthused within the dark leagues of Monster of the Deep. As in many tracks, Norm’s love of sounds and artists from decades past colour his melodies and inspiration but only add depth to the individuality and freshness of his songwriting.

Barrel of a Gun draws on voracious rock ‘n’ roll seeds for its drama, as too garage and psych rock essences that become more intense as the song’s feral instincts erupt while the following theatre of The Creature From The Black Lagoon is rockabilly captivation glazed in psychobilly venom. Fifties and eighties sounds collude in its theatre, all embroiled in the established craft and new invention of Norm and the band to forge another prime addiction.

Vintage rock ‘n’ roll and psychobilly psychosis fuels the fevered shuffle of The Plutonium Twist Party next where again Norm nimbly unleashes deep lying hooks and fiery melodies within a mutated monster club get together before The Preacher Man emerges from a pernicious sixties garage rock well to singe the senses and trip the imagination. With its rockabilly primed rhythms the track sits perfectly alongside its predecessors but forges a whole new proposal in the landscape of the release, as we mentioned earlier the band’s sound eagerly pushing its diversity.

There is a whiff of The Pirates to Hot Rod Car which hits the spot with Haunted Hotel weaving a host of flavours in its instrumental led dark invitation. Both tracks had ears and imagination dancing and even more alive alongside the sixties/surf nurtured stroll of The Voodoo Groove. It too has Monster Club intimation, one entertained by a house band merged from the corpses of The Shadows and The Surf Zombies.

The outstanding Psycho Bitch From Hell is another western coated tale, women with attitude and even meaner intent breeding its compelling saunter before the highly toxic Let The Killing Begin unleashed its bloodlust and sonic corrosion in a Hills Have Eyes like invasion. Raw and ravenous, the track seduced and ravaged the senses, its rhythmic stomp alone enough to spark further addiction within the noise punk stained assault.

The Chamber of Chills also offer a couple of bonus tracks in the grin provoking No Conscience and an alternative recording of Barrel Of A Gun, both adding a little more rich pleasure to the vat inspired by Norm & The Nightmarez.

So superb sounds, rousing songs and a great cause; what could be better?

The Chamber of Chills is out now through Normal Records. Buy digitally @ and contact Norm @ for CD info.

Pete RingMaster 02/04/2021

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