Shevils – Wet Soaking Wet

In some ways it is almost as if Norwegian noise casters Shevils are taunting us with the release of their new single, Wet Soaking Wet. The track is the fifth single taken from their upcoming new album, Miracle of the Sun, and joins its predecessors in teasing and escalating the anticipation of the full-length’s release but also the, admittedly slightly impatient, excitement.

The Oslo hailing quartet is no stranger to luring rich attention and praise through their previous albums The Year Of The Fly and Lost In Tartarus alone but on the strength of its singles so far, Miracle of the Sun has the feel of something momentous about it. Certainly, the recent releases of It Never Ends and Scandinavian Death Star filled ears with rousing rapacious sounds and ripping potential as they confirmed and built on the prowess and promise of Monsters On TV and the album’s first single and title track. Each presented the same intensity and unique Shevils personality but different shades to their maturing and evolving songwriting. Wet Soaking Wet is no different, a song bred in that familiar but individual Shevils sound yet bearing another shade to its dexterity and imagination.

Wet Soaking Wet instantly grinds on the senses with metallic riffs, their coaxing instant temptation and as quickly sparking a ferocious uproar driven by the raucous tones of Anders Voldrønning. The nagging riffs and grooves of guitarist Andreas Andre Myrvold continue to attack and incite; every second bringing new enterprise in his attack while the rhythmic trespass of bassist Johan Staxrud and drummer Anders Emil Rønning unite fierce manipulation and ferocious confrontation.

The track is superb, a collision and collusion of noise punk and hardcore as contagiously virulent as it is abrasively intrusive and the Shevils sound at its most greedily compelling. Now enough teasing already guys, just unleash that album.

Wet Soaking Wet is out March 26th with Miracle of the Sun released May 7th.

Pete RingMaster 25/03/2021

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