Plants – Vacuumed Half To Deaf

It has never been too hard not to have a soft spot for Australian punk rock, one which has been joyfully agitated again by the release of the new EP from Sydney trio, Plants. Voracious and mischievous, Vacuumed Half To Deaf is an in your face DIY fuelled uproar; the kind of incitement which has you roaring and misbehaving whilst it rifles the pockets for loose change. 

The successor to debut EP, Songs About Mostly Pubs and Drugs Vol. 2, released in 2019, Vacuumed Half To Deaf leaps at the senses with feral contagion and belligerent devilment. Their sound has a pleasing variety to its character but also at times finds a kind of Shit Tinnies meets I Am Duckeye snarl and tongue in cheek essence. The EP’s title was inspired by an incident when a cleaning lady began to vacuum the studio live room whilst the band was still tracking with artist and friend Jaben Betz (Pineapple Stickers Art) bringing the incident to the artwork as indeed the EP’s opening title track brings that moment to life for the listener.

Things really take off with the following Stoned at Breakfast, the track a riff nagging, groove spewing slice of stoner punk which proved inescapably addictive. With vocals matching the compelling urge of the sounds around them and rhythms a sense jabbing incitement, the song was quickly and deeply under the skin.

Friend draws on ska and punk hues for its own individual incitement, the song flirtatious and irritable with an old school bearing to its breath and personality. As its predecessor, it was soon manipulating muscles and throat, urging a loss of inhibitions before Ripped My Banjo String reaped the subservience with irreverent enterprise and urgency.

Say It to My Face similarly kneaded reactions and enjoyment in its winning design, a Ramones meets The Saints essence at play in its irresistible rock ‘n’ roll confrontation while Cunts Fucked assaulted and badgered with vintage punk voracity and tetchiness. As it accosted and incited, favourite track honours were sealed and unsurprisingly the classic Aussie punk surged song was later found to be a fan favourite.

The release is completed by High on the Weekend, a spirited slice of untamed pop punk as contagiously anthemic as it is abrasively bracing and a fine end to one outstanding EP.

Vacuumed Half to Deaf is don’t give a damn, do what I want punk rock which equally relishes all the company it gathers in its uproar; the best kind of punk we think.

Vacuumed Half to Deaf is out now via Riot Records across usual stores.

Pete RingMaster 11/03/2021

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