Recall The Remains – Dead Dreams EP

This March sees UK metallers Recall The Remains unleashing their debut EP. It is a highly anticipated affair thanks to the band’s previous well-received singles, their attention grabbing live presence, and a sound which is as unpredictable as it is accomplished. Fair to say that the Dead Dreams EP more than lives up to the intrigue and hopes before it, the release one seriously striking and compelling challenge.

Hailing from in the West Midlands, Recall The Remains emerged in 2017 bearing the inspirations of varied bands from Trivium, Thy Art is Murder, Whitechapel, and Bleed From Within to Rammstein to their sound, it a fusion of deathcore and metalcore but truly a weave of far more metal flavours. It is a constant eddy of modern metal which certainly within their new release keeps expectations guessing and ears gripped in drama, imagination and craft,.

It opens up with Darker Path, gently luring the listener with a calm and slightly melancholic melody. Quickly storm clouds loom over the continuing coaxing, the song’s skies darkening before being exposed to a creative tempest which twists and turns like a cyclone yet one always controlled and already unpredictably captivating. As the sounds, a diversity of incitement through vocalist Jacob Collins and vocalist/bassist Jordan Barnes is a busy tempting, guttural and throat abrasing cries aligning to less often but just as potent clean and harmonic seduction. Predacious rhythms from Barnes and drummer Anthony Morris and sonic turbulence cast by guitarists Zach Bowden and Elliot Rowe tenaciously align with melodic and inventive enterprise, contrasts and imagination embroiled in every aspect of the outstanding song.

 It is a striking start to the release which the following Deadlines continues, the track immediately unfurling its ire and muscular trespass but just as quickly the melodic and cleaner composing of its voice and fiery heart. It is a hellish mix, grooved temptation and primal ferocity colluding in the song’s infernal design and assault. Classic and heavy metal hues soak the death and metalcore bred predation, the result a seething and scorching onslaught which enthralled on every level before First Inversion uncaged its own Stygian maelstrom of sound and emotion. A writhing web of styles and discontent, the track surged through ears and the veins of addiction with viral intent, devouring the passions with its particular turmoil of sonic intensity and creative drama.

The Night Will Bleed stalks the senses from its first breath but equally lures them with provocative melodies and acidic grooves even as the uproar of emotion and metalcore nurtured enmity engulfs ears. As throughout the release, vocals provide their own theatre of enterprise and variety to echo the heart and force of the sound around them before making way for Our Hell. The final track has a lighter atmosphere, a warm dawning which still carries its own invasive shadows that soon opens up in rich melodic seduction and sonic intimation. That corrupt darkness does erupt throughout but with restraint on its ferocity until eventfully it can be held back no more and the track uncages its bestial prowess to unite and fuse with that melodic tapestry.

It is a glorious end to one seriously impressive release. The suggestion on lips is that Recall The Remains is on the way to being one of the most potent protagonists of modern metal, the Dead Dreams EP declares that they are already there. 

Dead Dreams is released March 5th.

Pete RingMaster 05/03/2021

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