Shevils – Scandinavian Death Star

As their new album gets ever closer to being unleashed, Norwegian hardcore outfit Shevils escalate the temptation with the release of Scandinavian Death Star, the fourth single taken from the upcoming Miracle of the Sun. Now we would normally wonder the wisdom of releasing so many tracks prior to a full-length’s release, the songs you would imagine making up at least a quarter of its body, but such their striking and compelling assaults we find ourselves, hopefully like a great many others, only straining at the lease to get our teeth into that forthcoming uproar of noise.

It has been a decade since Shevils tore out their particular space in the punk/hardcore landscape with the release of the single Is This To be (Our Lives)?, the band proceeding to leave an indelible exacting and striking mark with their ever evolving noise fuelled punk rock through album, EP and single. Their sound is clamorous yet melodically dextrous, savage but infectiously virulent and as Scandinavian Death Star proves demandingly compelling.

Produced by Marcus Forsgren, Scandinavian Death Star immediately assaults the senses, the rapier swings of Anders Emil Rønning as sharp as they are bludgeoning whilst embroiled in the sonic harassment of guitarist Andreas Andre Myrvold. Within the tempest, enticing grooves fester and flame, the bass of Johan Staxrud a predacious counter in an already captivating trespass soon led by the raucous and intense tones of vocalist Anders Voldrønning.

For just two minutes the track bullied, nagged and seduced body and imagination, its clamorous confrontation as dextrous and deviously inventive as it is barbarous and ferocious.

Scandinavian Death Star is corrosive alchemy of noise and intent and lustily backs up the suggestion of its three predecessors that Miracle of the Sun should not be ignored or indeed the outstanding video for the new single directed by Jørn Veberg.

Scandinavian Death Star is out now with Miracle of the Sun released 7TH May.  

Pete RingMaster 02/03/2020

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