Julian Shah-Tayler – Earthquakes

photo by Alex Tovar

Close on the heels of previous single, All Good Soldiers, Julian Shah-Tayler unveils his brand new track, Earthquakes on February 26th. It is a song which, whilst fertile with its creator’s familiar creative traits, has a certain intensity and drama to it which promises whole new and intriguing adventures with the artist ahead.

Also known as The Singularity, Shah-Tayler unveiled The Torment Suite EP last year and it quickly earned keen attention and eager praise. His fusion of electro rock, gothic rock, and new wave created a sound and songs which prove eagerly infectious yet emotively and sometimes imposingly tense. It was a complete mix which made the EP standout from the crowd and now gives Earthquakes a character and presence which commands attention.

It is fair to say that there is no escaping the Bowie influence on Shah-Tayler or the inspiration of people such as Peter Murphy and David J, yet song by song any familiarities are only bound to his greater individuality and songwriting maturity which is in full bloom within Earthquakes. Its breath is eighties seeded, the scent of bands like ABC and China Crisis light breezes across its melodic temptation and a groove bound melodic rock.

In many ways the song is a collusion of textures, the melodic and electronic seduction of the song tempered by rising surges of sonic tempestuousness; a reflection of its look at the game changing eruptions in life and love. That physical disruption within the song becomes more pronounced and intense by its end just as the coinciding emotive drama rises within its calmer warm seduction.

The new single is quite simply another ear grabbing offering from Julian Shah-Tayler; Earthquakes, for us, his most compelling yet.

Earthquakes is released February 26th.

https://www.julianshahtayler.com/   https://www.facebook.com/thesingularitymusic   https://twitter.com/thesingularitym

Pete RingMaster 25/02/2021

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