George Zafirakis – After Midnight

It is around six years since certainly we last heard from UK rockers Sykopath Condor and their attention grabbing stoner bred mix of metal and rock. The band has been quiet in recent times but vocalist George Zafirakis has certainly been busy with a new solo adventure and has just released his new single in the compelling shape of After Midnight.

The song is taken from Zafirakis’ new album, Love, Tears, Anger, Peace and Forgiveness which is due for release later this year. It is a track which reveals yet another shade to the eclectic sound we have discovered when going on a hindsight look at previous songs since its creator got in touch to introduce his solo venture. Each track has its own character and identity as well as individual sound but all are united in their alternative rock core and emotional honesty.

After Midnight is easily Zafirakis’ finest moment yet, the track a dark captivation with a post punk shadowing to its ambient wrapped, progressive and melodic rock woven body. In any ways it joyfully reminded us of underrated eighties legends The Sound and the intimate songwriting of Adrian Borland, but firmly sets out that character which is Zafirakis bred. The darkness of the song, led by the great gnarly tone of the bass, is invasive yet seductive while the melodic and sonic web within the shadows is warmly provocative and inviting. Fair to say, intrigue and fascination swiftly embraced the song, its drama, and an inherent infectiousness which without spectacle swept under the skin.

We were also sent over previous track No Other which quickly emphasized the variety in Zafirakis’ sound and songwriting. The track, whilst showing evidence of that darker essence in the new single, is a fiery incitement of grungy alternative rock. Its body is scuzzy and imposing and melodic tempting crystal clean yet melancholic, an evocative hue which soaks every aspect of the highly enjoyable encounter.

Both tracks make for a striking introduction to solo artist George Zafirakis and a sound which is surely set to be as unpredictable as it is fascinating within that upcoming album. As for After Midnight, that is easily one of the most impressive and irresistible tracks heard here in recent months.

After Midnight is available now @

Pete RingMaster 25/02/2021

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