Thrillsville – Say Goodbye To The Light

photo by Precious Child

Though probably better known as part of the irresistible Stolen Babies, it is becoming rather easy to expect as rich an awareness of composer/producer Rani Sharone erupting and even escalating to greater heights through his solo project Thrillsville. All the reasons and temptations for such thoughts can be found within Say Goodbye To The Light, an EP which simply enthralled ears and the imagination with sinister captivation.

Thrillsville weaves dark electro rock adventures through a fusion of industrial, synth pop, goth rock, dark EBM and alternative rock, creating canvases of cinematic temptation which seduce and trespass with animated manipulation. As the latest EP proves, Rani skilfully aligns virulent catchiness with crepuscular atmospheres and heavy rock dynamics; an insatiable mix which has drawn plaudits and ever increasing support and attention as too a live presence which has seen the band share stages with the likes of Stabbing Westward, PIG, Gost, Dance With the Dead, and Precious Child.

Featuring Rani’s twin brother Gil Sharone (Marilyn Manson, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jerry Cantrell) on drums and Dominique Lenore Persi on backing vocals, the pair also fellow band members in Stolen Babies, Say Goodbye To The Light instantly offers an escape from the real world into its own dark realm. Recorded with Ulrich Wild (Deftones, White Zombie, Static-X), who co-mixed and mastered the release, the EP soon consumed attention with latest single The Fever, a song inspired by an 1960’s episode of the Twilight Zone of the same name, and soon bearing a similar visual intimation of enveloping obsessiveness. It is a scent which immediately soaks the song’s opening melodic lure, drama soon wrapping its beckoning and fuelling the blossoming theatre of sound and enterprise.  Rani’s vocals add a dark narrative to the electronically painted implication, the seduction of harmonies and radiant melody courted by hungry shadows and a rock bred haunting across the swiftly addictive track’s infectious stroll.  

Within the EP, Rani presents two reworks of Stolen Babies songs. So Close is the first, a classic which is soon revelling in a new aspect to its devilish character and predacious air. Straight away it is a lively contagion but embracing its own instinctively bred dark intent as Rani’s vocals stalk the imagination and industrial nurtured rapacity fuels its infectious ebullient prowl. You feel like you are selling your soul to the devil by embracing its pleasures, the rewards insatiable and lingering as the track reveals its own certain uniqueness of a familiar captivation.

The Caller follows and again immediate drama and eldritch suggestion devour the senses. It has a Poe-esque hue to its gothic breath and electro countenance, that cinematic quality lighting its dark tale and intimacy to create a sinistrous proposal which might have you questioning whether to open a door to the outside world at night ever again.

That second version of a Stolen Babies gem is next up, Second Sleep an instant pulsation on the senses as it consumes a tenebrific dance-floor. The song sheds the more claustrophobic aspects of the original, invading it with an energetic dance carrying its own invasive moodiness; the result something just as ominously compelling and maybe even more virally devouring of the senses and appetite. The EP’s final track, Body Bag, descends and takes ears and imagination into the bowels of suggestion and minacious intent, its Tartarean depths an esurient consumption as tempting as it is nightmarish. Every second brings fresh drama and eager darkness but equally unbridled contagion which only had us diving deeper into its dark theatre.

Say Goodbye To The Light is superb and rich in all the ingredients which make us believe Thrillsville will be as prevalent in frequenting eagerly praising breaths as its creator’s currently better known exploits.

Say Goodbye To The Light is out now available @

Pete RingMaster 18/02/2021

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