Körd Värld – Total Distortion EP

Ever wondered what being savaged by a primal beast was like without suffering the carnal damage than simply stand toe to toe with the Total Distortion EP from Körd Värld. For sure you will find your senses scarred and ears seeping blood from its challenge but the pleasure found is what lingers.

Körd Värld is the two man union of James Domestic (The Domestics, Pi$$Er, Tokyo Lungs, Bring The Drones, Cabro, Hazard Profile…) and Charlie Claesson (Anti-Cimex, Driller Killer, Pi$$Er, Bring The Drones, Knife For An Eye, The Partisans…). As their list of bands reveals the pair have regularly united their enterprise, most lately and prominently in the d-beat experimenting Pi$$Er. Their new Sweden/UK creative partnership sees the two go back to basics to breed and unleash ferocity fuelled hardcore as Körd Värld with a sound which goes for the jugular and rips asunder everything in its way thereon in. Certainly if you have embraced their other projects there is a distinctive breath which cannot be disguised yet with vicious individuality the Total Distortion 7” firmly stands aside of anything before from them. 

With a loose translation of its moniker being “fucked world”, Körd Värld imposingly represent the ruinous landscape we live in with every creative breath and through it uncage a sound which from the first moments of EP opener Paranoid spews enmity. Immediately a surge of sonic turbulence accosts the senses, the punishing beats of Claesson bordering on the crippling as the guitar of Domestic entangles ears in acerbic strands of guitar. As swiftly Domestic’s distinctive tones add further toxicity to the squall, a trespass which even within its brief assail is a web of compelling twists and turns.

It is a striking and eventful minute plus soon matched in spite and captivation by Empty Vessel. Sinister suggestion is spun by the guitar to instantly spark attention, a dark intrigue soon embroiled in the track’s own punk tempest. Again rhythms impact with sheer venom as riffs scorch the air escaping Domestic’s social challenging lungs, the underlying groove of the song equally as caustically magnetic and it all combined it makes for one exacting pleasure.

The B-side of the7” opens with its title track, Total Distortion incising the senses with a sonic lance which as it flutters opens up the gates to another infernal rhythmic insurgence amidst ravenous riffery. Each track brings a new involvement of imagination and flavouring to the band’s crust caked hardcore with this third revealing a feral rock ‘n’ roll instinct to its makeup which only escalated its lure and an already thick appetite for the EP bred.

Ego Over Lives completes the release, instantly engulfing ears in a sonic cyclone driven by barbarous rhythmic discontent. As his tones and words embed in thoughts so Domestic’s guitar invades and brands the senses, Claesson’s murderous beats paving the way to their insurgency. The track is pure punk rock irritation bred in hardcore resentment and an irresistible end to one quickly and easily devoured release, and one which has become more addictive by every chastising play.

The Total Distortion EP 7” is released on Ltd Ed Black Vinyl on 26th February via KIBOU RECORDS (UK), CIMEX RECORDS (SWEDEN), and KANGAROO RECORDS (FRANCE) , with pre-ordering available now.


Pete RingMaster 11/02/2021

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