Shevils – It Never Ends

Coming close on the heels of its predecessor, Norwegian hardcore quartet Shevils have uncaged new single, It Never Ends. It is the third track from the band’s upcoming new album, Miracle of the Sun, and another impossible to ignore reason why that larger proposition has to be explored.

The band’s sound has regularly got under our skins, its hardcore meets noise punk breeding as voraciously infectious as it is ferociously abrasive, a harshness and causticity which has only aroused the senses and spirit. Unsurprisingly, It Never Ends is bred from the same DNA yet reveals the evolving adventure and greater maturity in the band’s sound, just as the new album’s previous pair of lead tracks, and dare we say and almost pop side to the Shevils attack; well pop in its heaviest, most feral and ravenous form. The song carries a catchiness which scars as it incites and without doubt notes band’s at their most virulently contagious.

Straight away It Never Ends winds attention grabbing guitar threads around ears, Andreas Andre Myrvold casting an irresistible lure which is soon joined by the flying invasive beats of drummer Anders Emil Rønning and the gorgeous groan of Johan Staxrud’s bassline. Quickly there is a metal seeded edge to the song; a thick intensity to its hardcore/noise breath which is controlled but open and soon erupting in a tempestuousness contagion incited by the cross-grained punk tones of vocalist Anders Voldrønning. Just as swiftly that eager infectiousness we mentioned is fuelling the temptation yet without diminishing the song’s voracity, every aspect uniting for one compelling trespass.

All three singles, Monsters On TV and the album’s title track coming before this, have suggested that Miracle of the Sun will be one formidably striking encounter with the Marcus Forsgren produced It Never Ends for us the most potent incitement of pleasure and anticipation of them all. 

It Never Ends is out now with Miracle of the Sun released 7th May.

photo Jørn Veberg

Pete RingMaster 18/01/2021

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