NASDAQ – Young Professional

Just who is NASDAQ, the force behind new EP, Young Professional? Supposedly they are “three mysterious figures from the financial elite who gave up their day jobs in the CBD to get in on the great scam of rock n roll.” What we do know is that their debut release is one stomping piece of garage punk, or ‘profit punk’ as they call it, which bursts from the speakers with rock n’ roll greed and voracious intent.

Consisting of Dow Jones on guitar and vocals, JP Morgan on organ and Goldman Sacks on drums, NASDAQ create a clamorous jangle and trespass upon the senses which swiftly proved easy to hungrily devour.  It is raw and captivating; an adrenaline fuelled rousing of the senses boiled in the uncompromising incitements of DIY old school punk, ravenous garage punk, and salacious synth punk; something akin to a mutant fusion of The Cavemen and Television Personalities laced with the melodic toxicity of The Scaners.

As the EP erupts with its title track, Young Professional proves itself an individual incitement just hungry to infest the senses. The raucous jangle of guitar and tantalising lure of keys immediately infested ears and appetite, rhythms a punchy manipulation to song and feet as vocals holler with the same kind of creative commotion.

Fair to say musical instincts swiftly grabbed its noisy offer and took a greedier bite of the EP as Profit Margin and Bailout quickly followed up the great start. The first of the two keenly strokes the senses with discord woven melodies, guitar and organ aligning their swinging lures as rhythms and vocals cast their punk seeded trespass. As the first track, it is a mercilessly infectious slither of garage punk and more than matched in temptation by the even briefer creative din of its successor. Predominantly instrumental with an untamed vocal holler and addictively devoured hook, the track wickedly got under the skin and had hips flying.

Puppet Regime completes the release, the song taking favourite honours as it rhythmically clips and melodically swipes the senses like Thee Headcoats joining those earlier hints to the sound of the band in one riotous stomp with again New Zealanders, The Cavemen potently coming to mind which with the mystery behind the origins of the outfit makes you wonder.

Whoever, NASDAQ has unleashed one fun and thickly enjoyable encounter which had the body swinging and spirit smiling; who could wish for more?

Young Professional is available now via Reprobate Media @

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2021

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