Homemade Ski Mask – redballbluechicago

Ferocious, furious and feral, three words which best describe redballbluechicago, the debut EP from Homemade Ski Mask; it one rousing slab of punk furore which hit the spot with devilish consistency.

Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Homemade Ski Mask is made up of Mike Tennant and Danny NoNo and uncage rapacious punk rock as pugnaciously fun as it is mercilessly invasive; a proposition at times akin to a mix of In The Whale and Slaves but through every  compelling assault snarling with its own individual breath.

There is little more we can reveal about the duo but from its first moments redballbluechicago stole all attention. It opens with Back on my Bullshit, a track which from its relaxed setting unleashes an unapologetically manipulative rhythmic incitement wrapped in wires of guitar. Immediately and simultaneously infectious and barbarous it lays the addictive foundations for the subsequent tempest which descends upon the senses. As the music, vocals trespass with temptation and belligerence, aggression shaping both intent and enterprise.

It is an outstanding start more than matched by the ear ravishing, spirit rousing exploits of Shooter. As all tracks it embraces a great vein of unpredictability to its punk truculence on ear and theme, a fury of punk  ‘n’ roll unafraid to get the body bouncing and senses reeling. Twisting and turning, the track is an eventful onslaught, an attack embraced in spirit by next up Sperry Stomp but instantly revelling in the song’s own unique harassment fuelled dance. It badgers, teases, and taunts across four minutes of savage, animated rock ‘n’ roll as another prime moment is discharge within the release.

Boogey Woogey provides a maelstrom of sonic and punk rock infringement, an invasion embracing an array of rock flavours to its creative misdeed and contagion. A break in the storm wrong foots but just marks a new intensity and scorched zeal to the incitement, the track another trespassing under the skin and using body and emotions as its plaything.

Featuring Howzit and Gnar Cyst, the equally predacious Backwoods completes the assault, the patchwork of vocals alone making it urgently compelling; the psychotic tone of sound and imagination only adding to the toxic liquor that left ears and appetite lustily pleasured.

 redballbluechicago is one of those introductions you just don’t forget or get enough of. It is angry yet mischievous, untamed but skilfully woven in that wildness and the quarrel that drives it. There may be little known about Homemade Ski Mask at the moment but their outstanding EP reveals all you need to know.

redballbluechicago is out now via Big Eleanor Records; available @ https://homemadeskimask.bandcamp.com/album/redballbluechicago



Pete RingMaster 21/01/2021

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