Bite Me Bambi – Hurry Up And Wait

We may all be locked in varying degrees of isolation and deprived of live music but there is no excuse not to get those dancing shoes on and bouncing around homes and gardens especially when inspired by Bite Me Bambi. The band has lit up the past twelve months or so with a collection of spirit and energy rousing singles and now have brought them together, with the additional joy of a new song, in the shape of the Hurry Up And Wait EP.

Orange County hailing and comprised of members from My Superhero, Save Ferris, and Starpool, the quickly proving irresistible Bite Me Bambi create their own kind of ridiculously virulent contagion through a fusion of 2 Tone spiced ska, pop punk, and power pop. As proven this past year, it effortlessly and mischievously infects the body and emotions as it worms under the skin, but equally has the imagination dancing with the craft and enterprise escaping its creators. Bound within the walls of Hurry Up And Wait, it is unbridled spirit rousing goodness for all with a bounce in their body and heart.

As soon as the glorious Hot Lava sets things off it is fair to say that hips were swinging and feet navigating furniture, the song gleefully surging through ears on the warm flames of brass and eager temptation of rhythms. Melodies and hooks are as keen as the bounce of bass and keys, the fun and enjoyment epitomised by the instantly tempting tones of vocalist Tahlena Chikami. She is an immediate magnet but the unapologetically addictive first track and EP shines with the presence and enterprise of all for a sublime balance.

Crazy follows and in no time is winding its own habit-forming groove around ears, the guitar of Brian Mashburn devilish in its coaxing and quickly joined in pure temptation by the swaying trombone and sax of T-Bone Willy and Kyle O’Donnell respectively. Its instinctive summery ska lilt is fuel to pleasure, the keys of Mike Berault and voice of Chikami a warm breeze to the stroll.

A punk heart fires up the ska pop of next up, Strippers on a Sunday; the song remaining fiery even as it weaves its pop enticements around ears. The rhythmic prowess of bassist Ryan Brown and the quick fire beats of Dan Evans are an incitement to both aspects of a track which in a good way has a bit of a Grease theatre to its romp.

Both are also at the heart of the rock ‘n’ roll stomp that is I Don’t Wanna Be, a slice of virulence which in some part hits like a power pop fusion of The Crystals, The Photos and Amazulu whilst bopping along with ska instincts. There was no defence before its rousing roar and rapacious infestation or indeed to the intrigue and rich enjoyment of the band’s new track This Love Is Dead which immediately hooked the imagination with its opening cinematic tempting. The body was lost soon after, keenly lurching to its tenacious canter and melodic swing as Chikami again vocally entranced. As dark as it is radiant in drama and romance, the song epitomises maybe the most potent aspect of the Bite Me Bambi sound; the way it makes you move whether you are in the mood or not.

There is an inescapable feel good factor which is in no mood to be relaxed in EP closing Carried Away. Soulful and funky within again ska pop inclinations, the song just brought a smile and energy to thoughts and body; the sixties girl group like charm shining upon its more feral rock instincts just tantalising.

In a time when spirits are suppressed and feeling good is often AWOL, Bite Me Bambi is the kind of pick-me-up we all need. They are also the creators of some glorious, skilfully woven songs, Hurry Up And Wait irresistible proof.

Hurry Up And Wait is out now via and other stores.  

Pete RingMaster 11/01/2021

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