Disstraxx – Pieces/Slow Motion Car Crash

Taking no prisoners whilst stirring up the senses, Pieces/Slow Motion Car Crash is the debut single from UK punks Disstraxx. Offering two tracks which rip through ears with viral disorder and dissonance whilst creating the most virulent tempest, the release is an attention forging introduction to another band ensuring punk rock is as vital and inspiring as it ever was.

Disstraxx was formed by vocalist Lee Brönskibeat, a name you may recognise behind outstanding electro punks Autopsy Boys a few years back. With guitarist Hax Medroom, bassist Aliskull, and drummer Alan Degenerates completing the line-up, the quartet emerged in 2020 with a sound which refuses to be ignored. In some ways, it does bear some of the contagious aspects of Brönskibeat’s last outfit but swiftly and firmly within their first single declares its individuality with untamed punk instincts and organic ferocity.

The twin trespass of Pieces and Slow Motion Car Crash needed mere seconds to grip our attention and ignite an instinctive appetite for raw and rousing punk rock. We say raw, but as Pieces reveals it is more a feral proposition than an under prepared proposal, the track skilfully clamorous and devilishly catchy. As guitars strike, the bass nags the senses, the start alone compelling addictive attention. Quickly Brönskibeat’s magnetically unrefined tones are launching at ears, revealing the trauma and disorientation of waking up alone not knowing how one got where they are. From its first moments, hooks are deviously alluring within the quickly addictive uproar, the band’s united roars raucous company to the great tension lit coaxing of Brönskibeat.

The track is superb, almost instantly addictive and one of the best slices of contagious discord heard here in a long time and an unapologetically manipulative incitement more than matched by its companion. Focusing on the realisation of toxic relationships and fake friendship, Slow Motion Car Crash takes a more composed approach to tempting ears, riffs and subsequent grooves a friendly invitation but soon immersed in another tempest of wild dynamics and punk animosity. Like its predecessor, the song also reveals a richer mix of flavours than the punk tagging we are using may suggest within its cacophonous uproar; it all adding to the thick individuality rife in the release and Disstraxx sound.

It is hard not to be excited by Disstraxx and anticipate even bigger riots with the band ahead so we ask; do you really want to miss out?

Pieces/Slow Motion Car Crash is available now @ https://disstraxx.bandcamp.com/releases as a name your price download with a 7” coloured vinyl release planned for later this year.

https://disstraxx.com/   https://www.facebook.com/disstraxx   https://twitter.com/disstraxx  

Pete RingMaster 17/01/2021

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