Pylon Poets – Lucid Hallucinations

It was back in 2018 that we first came across Pylon Poets. Actually it was the band in its former guise, The Stone Angels which grabbed our attention with their self-titled EP. It was striking introduction which suggested a potent future for the UK trio. The release of the Lucid Hallucinations EP has confirmed the threesome are on course for an acclaim and success fuelled future, now as Pylon Poets and with a sound which has grown and evolved into one truly individual temptation but as infectious and enterprising as it has always been.

Hailing from Torquay, the threesome of Dan Hughes (vocals, guitars, synths), Sam McIver (drums, backing vocals), and Nathan Hughes (bass, backing vocals) has proceeded to impress and earn strong support and praise since emerging with an alternative rock bred sound luring references to the likes of Muse and The Killers. Two UK tours and appearances at numerous festivals alongside the likes of Reef, GUN, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Scouting for Girls have been amongst stand out moments so far. Lucid Hallucinations commandingly suggests the band is on the edge of greater success and attention, its songs simply the finest and most gripping to escape their creativity yet.

The EP opens up with Reverie and immediately entangles ears in drama and temptation. As synths lure the imagination, rhythms and riffs almost imposingly grip ears, the track quickly a mix of temptation and confrontation soaked in a contagiousness which flourishes in sound and vocals. It is also a song which embraces different decades of sound, its electronic invention carrying an echo of eighties synth pop which aligns to its verily bred alt rock voracity.

The following Abandon proved no less compelling and addictive, the track strolling in with instinctive catchiness; virulence as engrained in keys as the pop rock enterprise of guitars and rhythms. Melancholic yet rousingly infectious, the track epitomises the prowess and individuality of Pylon Poet’s sound; something swiftly echoed again in next up Breathe. A gentle saunter through ears, it is an emotive reflection and captivation which seems as familiar though for no apparent reason as it does unique. Once again there is an inherent catchiness which easily breaks the skin to manipulate as potently as melody, word, and voice.

Completing the release is Rise and Call, the EP’s most inventive and volatile offering though yet again it infests with viral like success. In some ways it reminds of bands like Modern English and The Mission and in many more stamps the authority of the band’s increasingly unique sound amidst reflection of a turbulent world. Growing into our favourite song amongst only eagerly devoured moments, it provides an irresistible end to one thrilling encounter which can easily be filed amongst 2020’s should be explored adventures.

Lucid Hallucinations is out now on all online platforms.

Pete RingMaster 31/12/2020

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