I Am a Rocketship – oRAnGE

photo by Katja Bjorn

Born and inspired by the pandemic still raging through our lives, oRAnGE is the new EP from Atlanta based duo, I Am A Rocketship. It comes only a handful of months after the band unveiled their latest acclaimed album, Ghost Stories, and provides another captivating union with the band; one already gathering rich plaudits.

 I Am a Rocketship consists of guitarist/programmer Eric Weissinger and with L E Kippner, cellist, scientist, radio DJ and singer for Swedish synth-pop duo Neobox. A chance meeting led to them forming Hitchcock Blondes before relocating to Atlanta to emerge as I Am a Rocketship. As mentioned, oRAnGE has its seeds in the current pandemic and its effects on lives, offering an involvement for ears and thoughts which effortlessly taps into the emotions all have felt.

The EP opens with Shooting Star and immediately entangles thoughts in word and then sound. A gentle melancholic melody wraps ears, keys aligned to Weissinger’s similarly shaded tones. Its calm yet lively saunter is further lit by Kippner’s voice, the crisp step of rhythms immersed in the reflective and suggestive breath of melodic enterprise. Loneliness and shadows align to beauty and a haunting radiance, a blend swiftly under the skin and uniting with emotions.

It is a fine start to the release which is built upon by God’s Country. Intrigue immediately floods the senses, its opening sample and twang rich bait but only the taster of things to come as the song strolls with a creative swagger and drama through ears. Again Kippner melodic breath enthrals as richly as the dark sounds taunting and infesting ears, the track pure addictive infection as it reflects on political and social narrowness with inspiring intent.

The scuzzy darkness of the EP’s title track is next, an instrumental sparking the imagination with sonic turbulence and electronic intimation; drama courting every twist and turn before The Light in Your Eyes seduced ears with its own haunting beauty. It is a seduction though with a volatile edge and fiery heart and equally an anthemic pull even with restraint in its roar. The track epitomises the fusion of pop and rock ‘n’ roll which fuels the release and has made I Am a Rocketship one compelling proposition.

Back From The Shadows concludes the EP, rising from chaos with charm and elegance. Voice and guitar entice as rhythms bait the senses, the subsequent peril lined volatility of the track as alluring as its poetic melodies and reassuring beauty.

By the listen oRAnGE has drawn us deeper into its uncluttered almost raw magnificence and by each play I Am a Rocketship has declared their release one of 2020’s true highlights.

oRAnGE is available now @ https://iamarocketship.bandcamp.com/album/orange

https://iamarocketship.com/   https://www.facebook.com/iamarocketship/   https://twitter.com/Iamarocketship1

Pete RingMaster 31/12/2020

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