Beauty in Chaos – Out Of Chaos Comes…

Beauty in Chaos collage by Ryan Martin _ Jammerzine

Every new adventure with Beauty in Chaos has proven an ear gripping, imagination stirring event as epitomised by the album, The Storm Before The Calm, released this past summer. Similarly the following and accompanying remix releases have provided striking explorations and pleasures. Their latest offering, Out Of Chaos Comes…, is no exception and cements the LA based band as one of rock’s most fascinating and rousing projects.

The new album sees a myriad of remixes of tracks from The Storm Before The Calm, songs which feature a host of guest artists to realise the imagination and songwriting of project creator/curator Michael Ciravolo and now relish the imaginative explorations and re-workings of notable artists and producers within the compelling Out Of Chaos Comes….

Released via 33.3 Music Collective, Out Of Chaos Comes… comes in 3 versions, its digital body containing 27 tracks and its CD offering 14 encounters whilst the vinyl release bears 8 riveting tracks together. The release of the single, A Kind Cruelty (The Sinistrality Mix) created by Tim Palmer (The Mission, U2, David Bowie) and featuring Curse Mackey (Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Evil Mothers) on vocals and Simon Hinkler (The Mission) on guitar has already drawn pleasure and acclaim. Calm, tempestuousness and increasingly addictive, it is instinctive temptation which has only escalated through the rich adventures within Out Of Chaos Comes…, a release which reveals the original album in whole new shades of light and darkness for something just as captivatingly unique.

To give you a rich taster we will pick on a few other tracks which equally are a beacon to the captivation consuming the album. The Delicate Balance of All Things (Plague Dodger Mix) is also crafted by Tim Palmer and features the unmistakable and ever enthralling tones of The Mission’s Wayne Hussey. It is a track wrapped in turbulence and shadows, its breath thick in intrigue and suggestion with Hussey almost like a narrator to its gripping depths.

To expand the strikingly individual visions of the originals, the same track is exposed to other interpretations including the Rapid Reiteration Mix. This too is bred in the imagination of Palmer and finds Cinthya Hussey, whose art also provides the gorgeous cover of the album, on vocals. From its first melodic sighs, there is a mesmeric pull on ears, Cinthya Hussey’s quickly joining tones alone a dark seduction. Like a siren she graces the strands of sounds which shimmer and magnetically entice, the stunning track a whole new adventure and incitement on the imagination, discovering fresh shades and suggestive aspects to the previous track mentioned and the original.

The beauty which encapsulates the song is just as potent within the From Within Mix of The Outside. Crafted by Phoenix Supernova and enriched with the vocals of Ashton Nyte (The Awakening), the song is a haunting crystal of emotion and melody, its emotive drawl veined with lively electronics even as shadows bound its cry. It is another stunning moment within the release as too is the Stranger (Everyone Dies Mix) featuring Kat Leon (Holy Wars) and created by Roger O’Donnell (The Cure). Haunting beauty is just as apt when describing the track, its minimalistic body thick in emotive radiance and suggestive enterprise and rewoven into an irresistible embrace guided by the captivation that is Leon.

The Box Cutter Mix of Temple Of Desire is as absorbing and fascinating as anything within Out Of Chaos Comes…, the imagination of film composer Tyler Bates (Marilyn Manson) and the compelling tones of Rafe Pearlman a magnet within the hypnotic lures of the song. As with the tracks already mentioned there is a calm in the tempest feel to the encounter which is as tempting as the weaving of already known threads into an immensely new and fresh incitement.

With the likes of John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, HIM, Depeche Mode, Black Needle Noise), Bentley Jones, Steven Seibold (Hate Dept, Pigface), Kitty Lectro, and guitarist Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson) amongst many also involved, Out Of Chaos Comes… is a must much as its predecessor which inspired it. Once more involvement with Beauty in Chaos has proven a momentous spark for ears and pleasure.

Out Of Chaos Comes… is out now via 33.3 Music Collective; its various versions available @

Pete RingMaster 31/12/2020

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