Blast Bomb – Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie

On the eve of the unveiling of their new video for the slice of ferocity that is Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie, we thought we would jump ahead and reveal the body of sound the track comes from. Scheduled for release February 2021, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie EP uncages four slabs of Blast Bomb predation which without fear of saying is easily the finest trespass from the band yet.

 Since emerging in 2017, the quintet of guitarists Torben and Klaus, bassist Kai, drummer Tobi, and vocalist Johnny Rose has accosted and risen up the local, national and UK rock scene with an accompanying growth of attention and praise. Their EPs have drawn acclaim, tracks eager play, and a live presence similarly seeding greater plaudits and reputation seeing the band share stages with the likes of Life Of Agony, Honeymoon Disease, Electric Eel Shock, Conan, Monolord, El Colosso, and our favourites Grumpynators. Their fusion of punk and hard rock takes no prisoners, feral rock ‘n’ roll that demands attention and with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie EP it is hard to see it being denied.

The forthcoming release opens with for us the finest Blast Bomb moment to date, Go Away! a contagious beast of attitude and untamed sound as uncompromising as it is ripe in enterprise and imagination. An initial sonic thread draws Tobi’s rhythmic incitement, his beats rousing anticipation which is soon fed with virulent riffs and a bass grumble which alone was quickly under the skin. Once Rose’s distinctive tones complete the infestation, the track was in full command and relentlessly manipulative especially through its voracious chorus complete with rebel rousing band thick vocal uproar. Devious hooks and individual melodic prowess only added to the addictive temptation unleashed, as we say the most potent offering from the band yet and easily the figurehead track on the release.

In saying that, its companions are no light weights in persuasion and craft either as epitomised by the EP’s title track. One of two tracks which first made their striking debut on the band’s live EP, Live & Explosive In The UK, released earlier this year, Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie instantly entwines a juicy groove around ears, riffs and rhythms as eagerly lending their bait to the track’s catchy entrance. In no time it is a compelling slab of ballsy sound, turning the listener into an echo of its title. Live the track is like a puppeteer to body and reactions and loses none of its power from within the studio.

Outta My Mind is next up, a song which equally drives at the listener with an edacious appetite, its riffs bound in melodic wiring alone enough to seduce submission, the rhythms of Kai and Tobi merciless in their assault and incitement on the inner rocker. Equally Torben and Klaus grip attention with their united wild energy and skilled craft, the song insatiable incitement with Rose in fine form driving its passion.

The release is completed by Bulletproof, a groove bound encounter which as those before it takes no time to discharge its richest aspects and unapologetic catchiness, if one unafraid to devour and corrupt the senses. Defiant in its heart, anthemic in its breath and infective in its roar, the song is a rousing and thrilling end to an equally gripping release.

Simply put Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie is a triumph with Blast Bomb sure to leap a few more rungs up the ladder to major attention.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie EP is set for release February 2021 via Undead Artists Records with the video for lead track, Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie, premiered on HCWW Friday December 18th  

Pete RingMaster 17/12/2020

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