Tremendous – Relentless

When you come across a band name like Tremendous you instantly wonder if they are asking for trouble, giving seed to those who instinctively would knock down such a superlative. Recently introducing themselves to The RR through guitarist/vocalist Mark Dudzinski, the UK outfit have evaded such reaction with debut album, Relentless, a release which is rather marvellous.

Actually taking their name from the catchphrase of the Cuban-American comedian Joey Diaz, Tremendous emerged in the early throes of 2018 and consists of bassist Ryan Jee and drummer Dave Lee alongside Dudzinski. They have been scooping up keen attention, radio plays, and praise pretty much since their arrival, especially over the past few months and Relentless offers numerous reasons as to why.

The band’s sound is tagged as glam rock but for us, even with that flavour a potent ingredient, it is as rich in power pop with a thick tinge of punk ‘n’ roll for fun and teases with a Smash Fashion meets The Raspberries meets The Motors hue. It goes to make a highly flavoursome first album which is eagerly contagious with a refreshing grain of unpredictability. The vein of nostalgia which soaks Relentless though is as fresh and enterprising as anything around today and it gets off to a flyer with opener Don’t Leave Our Love (Open for Closing).

The first track shimmers into view, Dudzinski’s lone emotive tones only accompanied by brush of symbols. It is an attention coaxing entrance though which is soon joined by the flames of his guitar amidst the lure of an instantly catchy rhythmic stroll. The chorus is an early temptation and completes the instinctive catchiness of the song, its plaintive heart and rousing enterprise soaking already aroused senses. The track continues to serenade and roar, a fluid build which just got under the skin and into the vocal chords.

It is an excellent start which the following Like Dreamers Do firmly backed, it too slowly unveiling its inviting arms with melodic prowess and emotion wrapped vocals. Though its body never erupted as dynamically as its predecessor it is a ballad with a fire in its belly, sonic flames licking the senses from time to time before it all made way for the tenacious exploits of Rock ‘n’ Roll Satellite. It too mixes calm and more tempestuous textures in its body, a Darkness-esque essence coating its glam hued rock ‘n’ roll.

Bag of Nails is another ballad with a volatile heart and temperament, its reserved reflection soon a blazing outpouring of sound and emotion and fair to say even with its great start, the album just impressed and grew in stature song by song with this a lofty highlight.

Power pop and punk unite in the outstanding Daniela, a virulent slab of rock ‘n’ roll which had us swinging and bouncing from the first second while successor Take a Good Look at My Good saunters in with a captivating sixties scented tempting, its gentle sway within a more volatile structured frame a power pop nurtured temptation again rather easy to become addicted to.

Even so both are slightly eclipsed by the pop and punk bred Heart Sinker, a track which sizzles upon the senses like a fusion of The Jam and The Wildhearts on its way to sealing favourite track honours though Fightin’ to Lose with its punk aggression and rock ‘n’ roll ferocity soaked in power pop urgency came close to placing a thick hand on that choice.

The Bowie tinged Hell Is Only a Blessing Away only proved mesmeric fascination and enjoyment next before Copycat Killer brought the release to an irresistible conclusion, it too a slab of dirty rock ‘n’ roll with threads in varied styles brought together in one rousing contagion.

Relentless is a magnetic rock ‘n’ roll incitement which from start to finish which had us hooked on its enterprise, swinging in its energy, and more gripped by the listen. Whether you want to call it glam rock, power pop or whatever, Tremendous has a sound which ignites the spirit something we all need right now.

Relentless is out now across various sites via

Pete RingMaster 01/12/2020

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