Crostpaths – Mutated EP

Pretty much a year to the day from the release of their ear grabbing debut EP, British alt-metal outfit Crostpaths return with its successor, the Mutated EP. That self-titled introduction to the band aroused, impressed, and revealed the potential of bigger and bolder things to come. Mutated has fed off that promise and success to be an even more compelling proposition which surely will thrust the band towards the embrace of far bigger attention.

Kent hailing, Crostpaths emerged in 2018 with the inspirations of bands such as Papa Roach, Fever 333, and Linkin Park embraced to their creative breasts. Even with those hues an open influence to its songs, the band’s first EP revealed there was a distinct individuality to the band’s sound, uniqueness much more aflame and flourishing within Mutated. Again its seeds are in the more familiar successes within nu-metal but the quartet has brought a greater strength and depth in their own imagination to bear across a release which gripped attention and ignited real enjoyment with ease.

The Mutated EP opens with Rampage, a track which slowly rises upon electronic temptation though from its first breath there is an instinctive urgency and tension which builds by the second until it finally erupts in a forceful and rousing incitement living up to its title if with skilled control in its aggression. Defiance and attitude soak the release, the vocals of Ritchie Murray Jack the ringleader in the magnetic transgression as the rhythmic antagonism of bassist Owain Lewis and drummer James Mason proves as contagious as it is vicious. With the guitar of Michael Edwards weaving sonic and melodic tapestries alongside the just as dextrous intimation of keys it all makes for a striking start.

The following Hiding In Plain Sight is a predator, from its first breath stalking the senses with riffs and rhythms before vocals add their intimidation and compelling posture to the anarchy. The track is superb, our favourite moment as again guitars and keys contrast and unite with each other in an antipathy of non-compliance and emotive provocation fuelled by an ever manipulative rhythmic dexterity.

Defiant completes the trespass, the track initially teasing ears with rock ‘n’ roll threads which loom even closer as a steely web of irritability and incitement unsurprisingly echoing the song’s title rises up around them. It also has an infectiousness which borders poppy even within the snarling maelstrom of voice and sound, a mix which effortlessly earned a keen appetite for its craft and drama…

It is a fine end to another formidable and gripping encounter with Crostpaths, Mutated revelling in the growth in the band’s sound and creative identity while suggesting that the band’s ascent of the UK metal scene is going to be hard to ignore.

The Mutated EP is out now across the usual stores. | |

 Pete RingMaster 01/12/2020

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