Orbiter – Lead Head EP

Pic By Isak Lønne Emberland

Not to be mistaken with the Finnish doom metallers of the same name, Orbiter is a Norwegian groove machine creating a vipers nest of temptation from the core essences of stoner metal and blues rock with plenty more in the lining. They have also just released their third EP which just happens to be one of the year’s more addiction propositions.

Oslo born, Orbiter emerged in 2015 as the trio of bassist/vocalist Ivan A. Reigstad, guitarist Kim Rune Johansen, and drummer Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen set about “experimenting with a wide variety of heavy music, ranging from jammy, bluesy rock, to the face-shredding unholiness their home country is famous for.” Amongst the first results was debut EP Crooked, released the following year through Vakuum Records. By the time of its successor, Resist, Submit, Repeat, three years later, the band had underground acclaim and support fully hooked. Now they seem to be eyeing bigger spotlights to breach and with Lead Head it is hard not to see the threesome at the very least leaving a thick shadow on those radars.

Three tracks thick and seventeen minutes rich in ravenous persuasion, the EP is a tempest of crushing riffs and uncompromising rhythms bound in grooves which sear lustful contagion upon the senses. From the first moments of opener and title track, Lead Head strikes almost taunting the listener with its opener’s initial riff and bassline. Instantly attention was firmly held, that tempting and grip only tightening as further sounds erupt around the initial coaxing and beats add their devious hand to the persuasion, that first lure growing bolder and more virulent as the track opens up in infectious intent and muscular enterprise. With Reigstad’s tones just as alluring, the track twists and turns, writhes and strolls with increasing dexterity and mischief.

It is an outstanding start to the encounter, imagination and unpredictability handling its fusion of familiar textures and fresh ingenuity not forgetting growing drama as they do the exploits within the following Goldenboy. The second track hits its imposing stride from its first breath, nostrils flared and muscles tensed but still the instinctive catchiness the band breeds shapes the character of the swiftly gripping encounter. As ever riffs bear an untamed air and spirit, rhythms one of confrontation and comradeship as they manipulate neck muscles while grooves and vocals ooze temptation with fiery individuality.

To The Sun completes the EP and in truth it did not quite rile up the senses and ignite the passions as its predecessors yet we found ourselves roaring with its forceful chorus and submissively wrapped in its grooved infestations whilst being animated by its rhythmic nagging. The song is almost progressive in its invention, meandering with deliberate aim through a landscape of unexpected turns amidst trespassing intensity. Yes it was eclipsed by the first pair on the record but it is a track which left full pleasure and strengthened an appetite for the web of imagination the band breeds.

Originally meant as part of a debut album, we can only say thanks to Orbiter for not waiting as the Lead Head EP is one of the year’s majorly invigorating propositions. Not being greedy, the guys of the band can get on with that album world situation allowing; oh ok yes selfish hunger does fuel our appetite for more and soon.

The Lead Head EP is out now Vakuum Records; available @ https://orbiterrocks.bandcamp.com/album/lead-head

 https://www.orbiter.band/    https://www.facebook.com/orbiterrocks  

Pete RingMaster 10/11/2020

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