Shtevil – Thank You

Bold, ballsy and just a little devilish, Thank You is the new EP from Belgium rockers Shtevil. It offers up six tracks which revel in a mix of classic and blues rock with in your veins rock n’ roll, five unapologetically rousing songs which leave the world a better place.

Formed in 2015, the band is the creation of Steven Vergauwen (aka Shtevil) who set out to “create a fresh project that was unique and exciting.” Embracing inspirations from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Prince and Bruce Springsteen the Gent outfit has proceeded to realise that intent, a host of previous singles and debut album Stung in 2017 in agreement, the Thank You EP a firm confirmation.

Predominantly the creation of Vergauwen alone, Thank You draws on the personal experiences its author has gone through in recent years, its songs carrying an intimacy even as they roar with full lungs. The EP opens up with Who I Am (Thank You), swinging in on a calm but fiery groove as rhythms pick their spot with invitation loaded aim. Things relax just a touch more as instantly compelling vocals add their enticing shuffle to the tempting, individuality as rich within they as in the sounds brewed around them. Bluesy liquor flows through the song’s veins too as classic and glam rock spiced enterprise escalate the captivation, the track more irresistible indeed addictive by the second.

It is a glorious start to the release, devilment soaking its every breath before Stink brings its equally magnetic nagging to ears. Grooves and rhythms again manipulate as they seduce, vocals dancing on the psyche as imagination revels in the blues lined, alt rock nurtured enterprise. It too was under the skin in no time, unpredictability flirting with its rock ‘n’ roll instincts as a flush of other flavours add to the contagious adventure.

Drive It Like You Stole It charges in with adrenaline and poise in keen alignment, the gravelly hue of the bass the perfect foil to the blues flames which lick at every other part of the song. As with all tracks there is pop rock catchiness involved which only adds to the quickly devoured recipe on offer, the track leaping from the speakers and inciting an instinctive roar of those around with its own before Anyone Still Listening? lays its woozy charms upon the senses. As rhythms firmly jab guitars melodically stroke ears, ever potent vocals joining the mellow but again incandescent enticement which swiftly had ears hooked and appetite feasting.

Closing things up It’s All Been Done Before had us from its opening bassline, its animated coaxing zoning in on personal addictions before the rest of the body was swinging with its decade and genre melding shuffle, one which becomes more animated and boisterous just as the sounds inciting it. The track epitomises the whole of the encounter and its sound; rich in flavour, daring in enterprise and mischievous in imagination with a character to match.

The Thank You EP is one of those stomps which just make you feel good and the world seem brighter than it is; the kind of treat and fun we all need.

Thank You is out now via all platforms including

Pete RingMaster 10/11/2020

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