No Life On Earth – Nothing Is Real

Nothing Is Real is the debut EP from USA/Brazil metallers No Life On Earth, a band which we guess falls into that annoyingly named super group category of creativity. What is not a guess is that the release is one striking and imposingly gripping slab of groove metal hostility, four slices of predacious enterprise and commanding provocation that swiftly left us truly hoping the encounter was just the first of numerous formidable adventures with the quartet.

No Life On Earth came to life during the COVID-19 quarantine through a collaboration between Eminence’s guitarist Alan Wallace and drummer Jay Arriaga from Scattered Storm and Years of Cold. They were soon joined by bassist PJ of pop super group Jota Quest and vocalist Andre Acosta from Hereafter The Wave, the foursome quickly deciding to create an EP of songs. Nothing Is Real is the result, an encounter rich in diverse sound and unpredictable imagination within a groove metal breeding. It also features guest solos from a host of metal’s finest guitarists though it is its ferociously arousing tracks which alone steal the show.

The release opens with Into Fire We Burn and features Hector Camarena from Hereafter the Wave. The opening growl of bass which opens the track had appetites immediately drooling, the similarly grizzled tone of guitar and the atmospheric sigh of keys alongside escalating the lure before the track erupts in a pyre of melodic and sonic enmity. The biting swings of Arriaga take no prisoners yet are an infectious incitement matched throughout the song’s textures especially the subsequent creative shuffle which breaks out. With Fear Factory-esque hues to an industrial metal tinged aspect of its multifariously designed body, the song only tightened its grip, melodic metal imagination and a searing solo only escalating the temptation.

It is an outstanding start to the release; one The Gravity eagerly matches with its insatiable rhythmic harrying and voracious vocals amidst sonic tempest. It is a predator but equally a beacon of melodic contagion one skilfully aligned to the carnal instincts of bass and riffs. Again there is a strong scent of the previously mentioned Burton C. Bell era band but just a hue to the undisputed imagination and originality of No Life On Earth. With Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser providing an ear gripping solo, the track had us drooling, the EP’s title track repeating the manipulation with its corrosive touch and addictive exploits. Cesar Soto from Ministry provides the compelling winery of the song’s intoxication though its invasive agility and dextrous twist and turns had already gnawed under the skin.

Completed by the Tue Madsen guesting Time is Blind, another blistering, enthralling and busily resourceful slab of voracious metal which never wasted a moment leaving ears devoid of surprise and esurient imagination, the Nothing is Real is simply glorious. It devours and seduces, corrodes and invigorates; a treat which has us praying it is just the first of many times that No Life On Earth are so welcomingly unsociable.

Nothing is Real is out now via Blood Blast across most stores.

Pete RingMaster 09/11/2020

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