Noiss – Deafening EP


Hailing from Chambéry in France, Noiss is a trio unleashing ferocious punk fuelled alternative meets grunge rock incitement and the providers of one attention grabbing release going by the name of the Deafening EP.

There is not a great deal we can tell you about Noiss to be honest. The band consists of Julien, David and Thomas and emerged in 2017 with their self-titled debut EP arriving the following year. They have earned strong radio play with the tracks of that first outing and have already repeated the success through Deafening. They are band which we feel is forcibly knocking on far bigger attention with their latest release carrying a refusal to be ignored.

As we said Noiss breed their sound from a fusion of grunge, punk and alternative rock. It embraces familiar essences at times but weaves them into something openly distinct to the threesome. Its temptation proved immediate as Deafening opens up with Punch In My Face and a riff you cannot help suggesting is Nirvana inspired. It continues to tempt as rhythms erupt alongside, just as tenacious vocals soon adding to the uproar in energy and force. Even so the storm ebbs and flows with captivating effect, imaginatively building up to aggressive crescendos within a song proving very easy to devour over and over again.

Iteration 7 follows, an angular clamour luring ears from the near distance as bass and beats more closely prowl. Vocals similarly stalk the listener, lyrically jabbing as the track’s nagging increasingly burrows deep. As its predecessor, invention again shapes the song, guitars spinning a web of magnetic wiring and hungry riffs as the great start to the release continues, next up Stacy Lose-My-Eye only escalating the captivation. With a great post punk lilt to its grunge punk character, the song swings and strolls with again nagging persistence and enterprise. It reminded us of UK band Houdini at times but as within all tracks it firmly instilled its own individuality in sound and presence, its punk heart bleeding noise bound passion.

Unsurprisingly there is a stoner rock hue to the grungy layers of next up Stoner 034, its gait almost stalking the listener as vocals snarl and rhythms imposingly growl and land. If without quite firing up the passions as its predecessors, the song certainly manipulated and enthralled ears and appetite, adding another potent heavy lure to the release before making way for EP closer Enjoy This Day. Like the calm after the storm, the instrumental is a melodic caress upon the senses and imagination, a warm and reassuring departure after the tempestuousness of what went before.

It is a highly satisfying conclusion to an EP which has seen us more enamoured and raucous in our recommendation by the listen. Whether the Deafening EP will be the moment Noiss invade bigger and broader spotlights time will tell but it is potential certainly deeply seeded in one striking and thoroughly enjoyable encounter.

The Deafening EP is available now through the usual stores.  

Pete RingMaster 10/11/2020

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