Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead – Contagious EP

Dead bodies and hell borne evil arises every year on Halloween to stalk and frequent our living dreams and nightmares. This year one of the most compelling and infernal malevolent propositions escaped hell’s inferno and it went by the name of the Contagious EP. The four track slice of nefarious goodness is the new EP from German horror punks Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead, a band seemingly waiting it’s time to re-arise since we first come across them but here to make up for lost time with one striking release.

Borne of the graveyards of Bremen, Jamey Rottencorpse & The Rising Dead first clawed from the ground in 2009 and has proceeded to leave their decay stained mark on stages across their homeland and ears even further afield. Uniting with German label Undead Artists, the band have come to corrupt the senses with their most potent and compelling offering yet, the Contagious EP a rousing infestation of their individually bred horror punk sin.

The release opens with A Dream Within’ a Dream, a poetic incantation from the deepest bowels drawing ears and imagination into the EP’s death bound depths. Its haunting intimation and demonic breath shapes the darkest thoughts and emotions, manipulating them for the following cadaverous devouring of The Day I Died. The track instantly erupts with primal and dark intent, riffs and rhythms a collusion of intimidation as snarling vocals equally share their antipathy. Despite its toxicity there is an instinctive infectiousness which forcibly roars in a rousing chorus unafraid to share its Misfits meets Calabrese contagion.

Flesh and Lust follows and initially gently caresses the cheeks of attention, guitars a calm coaxing within atmospheric suggestion and siren-esque harmonic calls. Soon the fire in its belly is aflame though and fuelling the rise in drama and intensity which consumes the reflective serenade, a ballad as foreboding as it is intimately open.  

Final track is Somewhere Under the Graveyard, distorted radio lures the mischievous hint to the subsequent corruption of Wizard Of Oz classic Somewhere over the Rainbow. The track is the dark side to the original, lyrically its contradiction and counterpart, and relishing the horror punk poisoning of its melodic originality and just pure fun simply impossible for vocal chords not to holler along with.

The Contagious EP cages horror punk at its best with a rich dose of freshness setting Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead apart from the rest of the graveyard; more than reason enough to feast on the call of the dead.

The Contagious EP is out now via Undead Artists; available @ https://undeadartists.bandcamp.com/album/contagious

https://www.facebook.com/JameyRottencorpse/   https://www.instagram.com/Jameyrottencorpse_official/

Pete RingMaster 09/11/2020

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