Kingsway Flyers – Three Songs

From the UK, Kingsway Flyers is a trio who have just unveiled their first three tracks under the simple title of Three Songs. They are from a proposed debut album and provide a rather tasty teaser and captivating introduction to their punk bred sound.

Fair to say we were instantly intrigued and eager to check out the release when band member Antony Walsh got in touch and introduced the Stockport outfit, he an old friend of The RR courtesy of his previous outstanding band and site favourites, The Vox Dolomites. Swiftly we found Kingsway Flyers a different proposition, one firmly with its own character of sound and forthright individuality though across the tracks within their first EP there is no escaping the distinctive guitar sound and craft of Walsh. Alongside him is the just as tempting enterprise of Anthony Morrison and Ben Relton, all three together taking little time to draw the keen attention of ears.

The release opens up with Don’t Let It Go and the rhythmic incitement of drums provides instant manipulation of an instinctive appetite as too the angular bursts of guitar which subsequently crosses that initial lure. In quick time the track hits its stirring stride, the band’s punk rock nurtured proposition earthy and forthright as old school, hardcore and crustier essences are employed in rapacious rock ‘n’ roll. Walsh’s vocals are as familiar as his guitar prowess and a perfect companion to the contagious enterprise of the bass and the senses whipping beats alongside. It all makes for an outstanding first song heard from the band, its multi-flavoured body rousing and addictive.

The following Abandon Ship? similarly lays down alluring bait to set its presence, the guitar of Walsh coaxing incitement into the subsequent plaintive roar of sound and voice. It too has an organic infectiousness to its proposal and rich enticement in the united individuality of the band member’s craft and imagination, all rich ingredients in the final EP song, Change To Colour. Again there is old school richness to the track but it has a fuller depth to its sound than just that punk rock breeding and as the previous two, easily had ears attentive and pleasure keenly welcoming it.

Produced by Will Farley, Three Songs is a rousing introduction to Kingsway Flyers, as thick in potential as it is bold in enterprise and temptation and as it is released as a free download there is no excuse for anyone not to go and enjoy for themselves.

Three Songs is available@

Pete RingMaster 05/11/2020

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