Every Hour Kills – Re:awaken EP

“Examining extra-terrestrial threats and pondering the consequences of making dire and desperate decisions”, the Re:Awaken EP from Canadian metallers Every Hour Kills is a fascinating proposal of sound, art, and suggestion and one which has grown more compelling listen by listen.

The Calgary hailing trio of vocalist Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster, guitarist/programmer Alan Sacha Laskow and bassist Brent Stutsky create a sound fuelled by the essences of progressive and melodic metal alongside djent and melodic metalcore hues yet as Re:awaken reveals it is a much richer and expansive tapestry of flavours than that.

The EP opens with Veiled Aurora, vocalist Shaley Bourget (Dayshell ,Of Mice & Men) guesting on the song alongside the guitar solo of Morgan Reid (Bloodshot Dawn). Immediately the track immerses ears in a cauldron of djent lined, melodically blazing sound; keys weaving their own warmer temptation amidst the tempestuous trespass. Vocals bring a relative calm to the climate yet still the track continues to revel in its voracious web of sound and enterprise, boiling over with regular imagination. Every second of the track is thick in adventure and craft, a constant incitement with a vein of unpredictability which only flourishes over the song and EP ahead.

Featuring the vocals of Chris Thoresen (Shark Infested Daughters) and a guitar solo from Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal, Meytal), Anthelion follows. Its atmospheric opening provides a tide of intimation which synths soon escalate before the muscular threat of the track erupts with riveting effect. There is a kind of Scar Symmetry meets Voyager essence to the track as it harries and seduces in equal measure, its ferocity a searing temptation and contrasting if volatile calm an imposing embrace. With the band’s progressive inclinations just as rich and potent, the track proved relentlessly compelling just as the EP’s following title track.

It too is aflame with melodic and sonic invention, a cauldron of sound which sizzles upon the senses even as it seduces ears with its radiance and elegance. It too has a tempest in its emotion and heart, one challenging as masterfully as it captivates never giving body and imagination a moment to settle or become complacent with the stirring enterprise shaping the track.

Every Hour Kills provide a cover of the Joe Satriani track Time with Rick Graham providing a guest guitar solo, the track twisting and turning as it enthralled to bring the release which is persistently compelling and increasingly striking to a fine close.

Bottom line is that Re:awaken firmly hit the spot and left us wanting more; success in anyone’s book we think.

The Re:awaken is out now; available @ https://everyhourkills.bandcamp.com/album/re-awaken

https://everyhourkills.com/   https://www.facebook.com/EveryHourKills   https://twitter.com/everyhourkills

Pete RingMaster 29/10/2020

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