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    Courtesy of our friend Shauna at Shameless PR and one half of Canadian sound weavers Ummagma, we present another clutch of singles resourcefully sparking ears and imagination, tracks which for the main have been compelling teasers to larger incitements.

    First up we have All Fucked Up the current single from Philip Parfitt. The track is the second to be taken from the UK singer-songwriter’s new solo album, Mental Home Recordings, and a song which wormed itself under the skin with craft and temptation.

Parfitt was the founder, guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter of eighties alternative rockers The Perfect Disaster and has continue to spark the musical landscape through Oedipussy and his 2014 released debut solo album, I’m Not The Man I Use To Be. His alternative rock/neo-folk nurtured sound is one which is as warm as it is shadowed, as captivating as it is emotively challenging and within All Fucked Up one sublimely compelling proposition.

The song rises up on a melodic wave, guitars and keys as physically suggestive as Parfitt’s descriptive words and tone. Harmonies soon glide across the track’s skies as rhythms shape its infectious landscape, it all uniting in a captivation which had us gently and eagerly swinging with its virulence.

Featuring Bordeaux-based psychedelic folk-rock artist Alex Creepy Mojo, All Fucked Up simply proved irresistible; an invitation impossible to refuse.

    Renowned for his bass inspirations within art-punk band Throwing Muses and the Grammy nominated alt-rock band Belly, Fred Abong is providing just as absorbing encounters through his solo work. The singer/songwriter is poised to unveil new album Our Mother of Perpetual Help later this month and after the gripping temptations of its lead single, The Minit, has just uncaged another potent teaser in the shape of Invisible Man.

photo by Fred Abong

His sound is a magnetically raw enticement nurtured in post punk, folk punk, and alternative rock invention. It is daring and compelling, challenging ears and thoughts as ably as it sparks their appetites and no better epitomised than in his latest single.

 Invisible Man immediately resonates with temptation, Abong’s bass and guitar combined a gnarly coaxing we easily devoured, their dark infection low key but swiftly burrowing into the psyche even before his similarly discoloured but wholly alluring tones add to the organic persuasion.  

Intrigue and pleasure united in quick time before the track, the song not the most obvious source of contagion but a spark to keen addiction in no time and making a great reason to check out its larger source.

    Also giving a compelling reason to check out his recent album, Kingdom of Sleep, NYC-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jonny Polonsky recently unveiled a new version of one of its most irresistible tracks. Earning an enthralling remix from the mighty Alain Johannes (Chris Cornell, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Lanegan, QOTSA, PJ Harvey, Patrón), The Weeping Souls is a seduction of the senses which also quite simply burrowed deep.

The immediate enticement of melody enriched guitars is soon side by side with Polonsky’s equally inviting tones, it all wrapped in a poetic glaze of sound. Like a fusion of T-Rex and Love and Rockets, the song expands as a radiator of temptation by the second, the darker shadows which gather in its increasingly tenebrific skies escalating the drama and its hold on ears. With keys casting a stringed symphonic-esque breeze, The Weeping Souls is bewitching, a haunting of the imagination and instigator of rich pleasure.

    The Last Dive is the latest single from Californian singer songwriter Ethan Gold, a track which had the body swinging as it paid “homage to old dive bars and the joy of sleazy urban exploration” and as a taster of his forthcoming double album Earth City, had anticipation gathering its eagerness.

LA-based Gold sparked keen acclaim with his debut album Songs From A Toxic Apartment of 2017 and has continued to tempt similar reactions with his releases and film scores. The Last Dive suggests that will not be changing with the unveiling of his new album early next year indeed maybe only escalating.

From the first warm tempting jangle of guitar, the single makes for an unapologetically contagious proposition, it’s swiftly in place stroll increasing the virulence smiling at and dancing with ears. As rhythms saunter with almost mischievous inclinations and melodies continue to embrace Gold’s lyrical celebration, the track had us lustfully bouncing with its rousing rock ‘n’ roll; only it’s too soon coming fade out a slight downside as it completes this collection of rousing teasers.

Both All Fucked Up and the album, Mental Home Recordings, are out now via A Turntable Friend Records; available @

Invisible Man is out now with Our Mother of Perpetual Help released November 20th @  

The Weeping Souls (Alain Johannes Remix) is out now through Ghostworks Recordings.

The Last Dive is out now @  

Pete RingMaster 08/11/2020

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