Another Shameless Collection

    With Shauna (Ummagma) of the equally inimitable Shameless PR continuing to unearth ear fascinating encounters we bring you another handful of singles and artists which deserve closer attention.

     First up and a teaser to their new album, is Girlfriend from Tasmanian outfit The Silverbeets. The Hobart hailing quartet of Farnz Cordeaux (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jamie Scott (lead guitar, vocals), Nigel Hope (bass) and Bill O’Brien (drums) are said to draw on the prime inspiration of XTC for their art pop invention alongside many influences but as previous releases and their new track reveals it has gone to colour something quite individual to the quartet.

A teaser from that upcoming third album, Halcyon Days, the effortlessly magnetic Girlfriend strolls in with mischievous gloss lining its creative lips. Quickly spoken words almost tease thoughts as guitar and bass play with the body’s swing, the unpredictability and adventure in the band’s sound swiftly at play. Similarly rhythms are keenly animated in their persuasion with brass and vocal variety as spirited in their courting of the imagination.

It all makes for a song which dances with attention and fascination whilst lying down the suggestion that Halcyon Days will be one unique adventure like few others. 

    Another artist providing a potent taster for a new album is the UK’s Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans. With Love and Optimism fresh out of the gate, they have recently uncaged the single Warm Hands and a potent slice of temptation it is proving to be.

Bristol based Woodward is no stranger to enticing eager ears and praise with The Experimental Pop Band, Karen and right at the start of his emergence upon the UK music scene, The Brilliant Corners, a band which persistently has had us licking lips at their releases from the mid- eighties and a sound which evolved in ears song by song. Warm Hands is our introduction to his solo work despite its bigger source being his second full-length and a striking encounter it proved to be.

The song is an immediate shimmer upon the senses, Woodward’s guitar carrying a glint to its melodic jangle and embracing the quickly joining emotive tones of its player. There is an immediate infectiousness to the temptation which is as manipulative as the sounds themselves, the gentle swing of the track irresistible to body and spirit just as lyrics and delivery incites vocal chords; the subsequent tempestuousness in the breath of all aspects icing on the cake. 

It is a riveting taster of Woodward’s album matching the success of its predecessor which we have equally devoured, Occupy This Space a calmer but no less magnetic proposition with a lining of drama which also escalates over time wrapped  in a sultry charm in brass and climate. Together both singles have made Love and Optimism a release that simply needs to be explored.

    A double treat comes in the shape of the new single from Julian Shah-Tayler a.k.a. ‘The Singularity’, Devil Knows. Alongside the A-Side of The Singularity version he has just unveiled the Ruby Rock version of the song which features David J of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fame, MGT (Mark Gemini Thwaite) and drummer Marc Slutsky, the trio reunited again following their extensive international Bauhaus Ruby celebration tour with Peter Murphy a couple of years back.

Devil Knows is a contagion loaded slice of electro/goth rock, Shah-Tayler’s rich tones an immediate temptation soon surrounded by just as compelling grooves and rhythms. There is a definite eighties gothic rock hue to the track, unsurprisingly really, yet has a fresh presence and tone which grips just as fully. With fire in the melodic belly of the guitars and an imposing touch to rhythms, the song in both versions just hooked ears and eager involvement, the Leeds hailing LA-based, singer/ writer/producer Shah-Tayler centre stage in its enticement.

     Nicely linked to the last track in that it also features David J, this time on harmonica, and is produced by Julian Shah-Tayler, is Unkind Lover, the new single from Santa Rosa-based alternative dark pop artist Darwin. The track is a brooding saunter through shadows and temptation, a track which was under the skin in seconds laying seeds of addiction with its every tenebrific breath.

Darwin (full name Darwin Meiners openly embraces eighties inspired sounds and textures to his invention and imagination but gothic, post punk and darkwave essences just as readily fused to further diversity of flavour and enterprise. The song itself was initially inspired by the writing of Dani Burlison and in particular her short story, Shark Week, Darwin being asked by his friend Burlison to compose a piece to accompany a spoken word video she had written. Subsequently it sparked him to turn the music into a song, Unkind Lover.

Also with Dustin Heald guesting on guitar noise and ambience, Unkind Lover immediately imposes its ominous presence on the senses with distant chimes and electronic rhythmic strikes. In short time it breaks into a rueful stroll, one slow almost funereal in gait but richly magnetic and captivating. Darwin’s voice is just as alluring, his breath caliginous and provocative within a similarly hued sky.

     Lastly we bring you A Kind Cruelty (Sinistrality Mix) to go explore, the latest track from Beauty in Chaos. Featuring Curse Mackey, the song comes from the project’s new remix release Out Of Chaos Comes… which comes out on Halloween.

The creation of curator Michael Ciravolo, Beauty in Chaos again hosts a striking and talented collection of artists in his last full-length released earlier this year and now the fourteen track collection of remixes of songs from third album The Storm Before The Calm, the new release embracing the contributions of producers, artists and DJs, including Tim Palmer (The Mission, U2, David Bowie), John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, HIM, Depeche Mode), Film Composer Tyler Bates (John Wick, The Watchmen, Guardians Of The Galaxy), The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell, UK-based EDM star Bentley Jones, and Marilyn Manson’s guitarist Paul Wiley.

 A Kind Cruelty (Sinistrality Mix) from Tim Palmer looms in from the distance twisting into a vibrant rock stroll upon arrival as infectious and rousing as it is riff muscular and electronically trespassing. Calm and tempestuousness align in its compelling landscape, the guitar of fellow guest Simon Hinkler (The Mission) potent intimation and enterprise within its midst. The song is a riveting and rousingly animated proposal in this and its original form, a track which hooks you in in quick time only to escalate lure and addiction thereon in, the Sinistrality Mix adding fresh traits of temptation to the gripping original and for an album you will want to go experience.

Girlfriend is out now with Halcyon Days due for release November 13th, pre-ordering available @

Both Warm Hands and Love and Optimism are out now via A Turntable Friend Records; available @

Devil Knows (Ruby Rock Version) is out now through Dark Spark Music; available @

Unkind Lover is available now @

A Kind Cruelty’ (The Sinistrality Mix) is out now with Out Of Chaos Comes​.​.​. released October 31st @

Pete RingMaster 29/10/2020

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