The Parasitic Twins/Victim Unit – Geminites EP

If the psyche ravening exploits of grindcore two-piece The Parasitic Twins and invasive depressive noise duo Victim Unit have already been a source of senses challenging debilitating pleasure singularly imagine the results it they combined their hellish talents. Wonder no longer as the respective Hull and Reading hailing pairings have come together to collaborate on the Geminites EP, a single thirteen minute incursion which had us drooling, if admittedly in pleasure and anxiety.

The uncompromising piece of experimental doom metal was created at the now defunct Melrose Yard Studios in York and “represents aural catharsis for both bands.” The foursome of Max Watt (vocals, guitar), Dom Smith (drums), Lotta Ridgley (vocals, programming, violin), and Danny Page (guitar, programming, production), with the latter also producing, cast a devouring entity of sound across the track’s extensive body. It is a proposition though which grows and evolves in open and subtle ways, each senses scarring exploit and exhaustive twist bringing greater torment and turbulence to the voracious cauldron of noise.

Its beginnings are calm yet portentous, Smith’s rhythms manipulative bait as echoes of hell whisper and scowl in the background. Every subsequent sound teases and taunts, it all building with controlled but esurient intensity until the tempest is fully exposed and voraciously devouring the listener. The passage to the full torturous storm is a riveting build, layer upon layer of scarring sound aligning with a web of imagination which is further unveiled in invention by the listen.

Vocally the track is a torment soaked scourge from the beginning, breath and presence a curse of enmity and oral deviancy only adding to the unfolding enthralling nightmare; it all making for a fascinating and enjoyably fatiguing pleasure. The journey to the full monsoon of sonic disruption equally had our imaginations at their greediest with the endgame, equipped with psych swirling and corrosive infestation, leaving ears sore and appetite hungry for more.

The Geminites EP proved a punishing and fascinating incursion, almost rapturous in its captivation if pestilential in its touch and a proposition all noise bred inclinations should check out.

The Geminites EP is out now through Man Demolish Records.

Pete RingMaster 22/10/2020

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