Froggy & The Ringes – SOFT ‘G’ 7” EP

Batrachian interests have never been high on our agenda here but then again we have never come across the prodigious chorus of Froggy & The Ringes. The British quintet is poised to unleash the SOFT ‘G’ 7”, an EP which devours ears and corrupts the senses like a plague from the bulrushes.

Consisting of vocalist/lyricist Froggy, bassist/songwriter Ranchard Ringe, guitarist Calaudio Winkelf-Ringe, drummer Ringe-O Starr, and Sir Ringe-O-Lot on keys, Froggy & The Ringes spring a sound which is bred on a post punk/garage rock/punk commotion; kind of like a warped  fusion of Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Crass and The Scaners. It is a ferocious, mischievous and irreverent in your face lo fi trespass making the band’s new EP one essential raw pleasure.

The release bursts from the reeds with Froggy & The Ringes (SOFT ‘G’) Theme, the initial rhythmic swing ridden by ribit calls virulent and swiftly voracious as the track unleashes its full contagious voracity. Froggy barks and grunts from within the onrush, his feral incitement as insatiable and riotous as the riff fuelled, rhythmically battering sounds around him.

It is a template which feeds the individuality of the band’s sound and the EP’s songs, Auction This! stomping in swinging fun loaded limbs and attitude. As its jaws clamp down, Sir Ringe-O-Lot’s keys tease and caress the senses, their gentle spacey ventures as devious as the corrosive incursion they contrast and unite with. 

The EP’s B-side pens with Don’t Listen, the song striding from sonic smog with a post punk nurtured Sex Pistols groove, Froggy pointing out worthlessness as rhythms pounce and riffs harass, it all though controlled irresistibly untamed. The whole track is one creative hook, keys again a devilish temper to the bedevilling clamour, and gleefully escalating an already incited addiction with the whole encounter.

Final track, (We Are) Cheap Beer, is a ravenous assail upon the senses, its dirty touch and uncivilised breath a delicious pestering. Again the band’s sound is as unique as their rabid roar, the pleasure arising in the infringement firmly individual to any sparked by any other release this year.

Despite the references we hinted at earlier, as we listen it is clear there is few if anyone like Froggy & The Ringes and just as scant offerings to compare with the ravening punk babel they conjure and makes SOFT ‘G’ so glorious.

The SOFT ‘G’ 7” EP is released on LTD ED vinyl November 5th through KIBOU RECORDS (UK), AMOK RECORDS (GERMANY), TOXIC WOTSIT RECORDS (UK), CIMEX RECORDS (SWEDEN) and NO FRONT TEETH RECORDS (UK) with pre-ordering open NOW! There will also be a 100 strong special edition with F&TR Plectrum & Unique Frog Art Slide.

Pete RingMaster 16/10/2020

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